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CRM user adoption, Make sense of what you face, Demystify CRM

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5 Keys to Unlock Team Engagement for CRM Success

The single biggest factor in CRM failure is lack of buy-in by users.

A lackluster implementation throws all the promises of return on CRM investment to the wind. No one wants that, but unfortunately it sometimes does happen, leaving business owners skittish about the next attempt.

How to successfully implement a CRM project might seem mysterious and chance-y, but we have a proven process that makes sense of it. It’s what we use to guide each of our clients. These work best using a team-approach. While it is specific to our client's CRM implementation, it is adaptable in other scenarios as well as a change management strategy. Here’s a quick overview:

Our process is multi-phased.

We believe breaking the process into doable chunks works better than setting the expectation that attacking it all at once will work. It won’t. Also, certain steps need to be completed before other actions can be put in motion. As we work with clients to plan the phases that we know will combine to deliver ultimate success, we agree on a timeline for each incremental step and who will own which actions.

Our process is team oriented.

The success of any implementation is more dependent on the people involved than the technology. Which of your staff will be part of the CRM launch team? How will you prepare them? What is the best way to collaborate? To eliminate role uncertainty, we are careful to delineate your team’s responsibilities and ours. We also advocate identifying a champion inside your organization, someone who is already sold on the benefits of CRM and who will embrace its use from the get-go. A champion may or may not be the project leader, but either way will be an influencer with the rest of the team and in your corporate culture.

Our process is process oriented.

Staff won’t use a program that doesn’t do what they need it to do. Our process includes coaching the implementation team to survey potential users to learn their processes from the inside out. We'll help clarify the various use cases of CRM in their organization Along the way, they may learn that some processes are not as effective as they had assumed. That’s okay. This is the perfect opportunity for modification or re-design. With this knowledge, Creatio CRM can be customized using its user-friendly low-code framework that’s been layered on top of business process management. Your team will soon have the ability to make it work as uniquely as your business, without dependence on the IT department or app developers. Within Creatio, many of those processes can then be automated.

Our process is data-driven.

Data shows how successful an implementation has been. Who is using the CRM, how are they using it, and what are the results? What problems are being encountered? Creatio Analytics will be your best friend as an assessment tool. We’ll use it and show you how as we perform Progress Reviews at 30 days, 90 days, and six months post-implementation.

Our process is forward-looking.

As your CRM partner, we stay on top of trends, technology innovations, and tool improvements so your business can remain competitive in a rapidly changing environment. Employees expect tools at work to function as easily as the apps they use regularly in their personal lives. So do customers. Staying competitive means fully engaging these stakeholders by meeting and exceeding their expectations.


Making sense of how to successfully implement Creatio CRM depends on preparing the people inside your organization and on choosing the right expert CRM partner. Following our proven process and listening deeply to your team is how we create the synergy that results in a highly engaged staff.

Contact us today to schedule an introductory conversation about your needs. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions about what your implementation can look like in more detail.

Get Started with Success with CRM

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Topics:   CRM user adoption Make sense of what you face Demystify CRM

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