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Three fourths of the year is gone leaving approximately 90 days left for this year.  Take away the holidays and weekends does not leave a lot of time to finish strong for the year.  But we are in the home stretch or as Yogi Berra would say "It ain't over till it's over."  And sometimes a win occurs at the very end like may top college football games so far.  Are you hoping something magical will happen?

Dedicate, Plan, Execute

Dedicate to yourself to take time to step back and ask what it's going to take for you and your team to finish strong this year.  Consider these questions and resources as you plan.  Consider the answers as you execute to get the desired, valuable outcomes. 


  1. What have we already accomplished this year that we either need to put a done stamp on or celebrate?
    • Often we forget to review what has been working and just do more of it
    • If you have implemented business intelligence/analytics tools, pop open the tool and review the trends from opportunity management win/losses and customer service issues/resolutions.
    • Look into your CRM system and consider what sales opportunities are about to close and which are 'dead horses' to put an end as closed-lost.
  2. What are the most important 2-4 things underway that could use more focus with your resources to bring them to a successful completion?
    • Identify the strategic business partnerships and alliances that will make a difference.
    • From your CRM system review your 'A' list of customers and identify what can be done to bring added value to the relationships.
    • Consider what opportunities will really generate significant revenue
    • Read and use actionable insights from Alex Goldfayn, The Revenue Growth Habit, a simple art of growing your business by 15% in 15 minutes a day.
  3. Follow your Stop doing list.  Consider what are we not going to do in the next three months?  This will free up time and resources to work on what is most important. 
    • Turn off email alerts and setup only specific times in a day to view email
    • Turn off most of the social media updating and instead make the phone calls and write thank you notes.
    • Be in the moment. Turn off your cell phone when in meetings with prospects and clients.
  4. What kinds of immediate investments do we need to make in our people to set them up for success now and later?  
  5. What groundwork do we need to lay now to start out strong in 2016?
    • What industry trends need to be further accessed
    • What are the products and services in your offering that are selling and which are less useful today or in the future?
    • What can be automated to get more done and provide more time for selling and customer support?
    • What new technology like measurable e-marketing or Marketing Automation can be applied to attract more ideal prospects and reach more prospects while educating people with valuable information?


I often hear from our clients that they don't have the time or resources to be strategic.  Yes there's a lot on most leaders plates.  As David Allen, productivity guru and founder of Getting Things Done movement teaches, it is all a matter of setting a priority and making strategic work important in your calendar.  This gives you control to dedicate, plan and then execute.

The good news, is with some focused questions to think and plan around, you can get a lot of strategic thinking done in a short amount of time. Check the resources links.  Consider adding 30 minutes this coming week on your own or with your team to ask and answer these key questions that can help you and others finish strong.



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