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Segmenting Your List - Profitable Target Marketing

3 Steps to Engage Your Readers with Relevant Content

Do not send out that email blast just yet!  Did you have a solid strategy that includes methods to effectively reach your target markets? Are you using the 80/20 rule?

These smart steps are critical in delivering valuable information to your reader and getting them engaged with your business. Make your Marketing Automation successful and profitable each time.

Step 1 - Segmenting Your "Send To" List

Who are you marketing to? 

  • What is their profile and how should this be used to engage them?
  • Value offering - what type of products/solution are you focusing on?
  • Have you 'missed' the ideal customer?

You need to know what customers and prospects will find valuable to show their potential. How valuable are certain customers?  What is the amount of sales opportunity?  Find more at: marketing fields you must have in your CRM.


Marketing automation


Needs and buying preferences to be aware of:

  • How decisions are made
  • What's important: time, quality or price
  • Level of support expected
  • Type of customer experience expected 
  • Attitude towards advice

Determining the specific customer insight needed and making the right decision based on that insight, means marketing and sales have to collaborate. 

Step 2 - Personalize your Educational Content

Are you delivering thought-provoking content to your reader?

  • A personalized thank you card or note of appreciation
  • Email with personalized content of value to 'them'....
    • How To Tips
    • Frequently asked questions and answers
    • Best Practices
    • Improved solutions, products, services

Listen to your readers because the people who take time to contact you are the ones who are most likely to pay attention to your email campaigns.  Focus on your readers' emails, their questions, their likes and dislike.  After all, if it wasn't for your loyal customers and readers, you would not be as successful as you are today.

Marketing automation in CRM now can provide a heat map to indicate how the readers moved though your email.  Links clicked indicate the importance of specific content.

Step 3 - Encouraging Your Readers to Take the Next Step

Have you provided the reader with the confidence to ask better questions in solving their problem?

  • What resources from your Web site can you offer in helping them?
  • Various content links to discover interests
  • Does the email prompt your reader to follow your company on social media or leave a comment on a blog post you shared?

Email has the opportunity to be a powerful influencer  even it's not fully reflected in your email campaign statistics. 



The potential to be an influencer for engagement and sales is why it's so important to nurture your buyers. Using Creato Marketing automation is simply another way of building meaningful relationships with those who buy. 


Read - marketing fields you must have in your CRM.

Introduction to accelerating business.... video:


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