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"How do I..." is not the first question you need to answer if you want to improve your marketing.

Sure, we hear it all the time from entrepreneurs we help. But we always counsel business owners to first define and clarify their Why's and What's. Once that's done, then we tackle the "How do I ...." questions. And there are plenty of them.

Hopefully you know why and what you're marketing. That being a given, which of these "How" questions do you have?


29+ Questions to Answer to Make Better Decisions & Accelerate Greater Business Success 


 How do I develop a marketing plan and generate key message content to attract new business?

 How do I define our target market and improve our conversion of leads to actual buyers?

 How do I define our niches and easily connect with the people in them?

 How do I get our marketing message delivered and acted upon?

 How do I improve my selling skills and reach my sales goals?

 How do I determine and facilitate our customer's buying process?

 How do I improve my questioning skills?

 How do I reach and persuade decision makers?

 How do I create a success story and useful testimonials?

 How do I nurture a relationship with a prospective client using tools available now?

 How do I entice sales people to improve the quality of information they gather about the company’s best prospects and quality customers?

 Why isn't my business growing as fast as I’d like?

 How do I  know when to quit an opportunity that is taking too long and not going anywhere?

 How do I improve a customer’s perception of our company’s customer service?

 How do I define the value of the products and services we bring to our customers?

 What do the majority of our prospects not know or understand that, if they did, would make them draw a new conclusion and select my service/product? This relates to your unique selling proposition.

 How do I get better referrals and build a referral network?

 How do I create a mutually beneficial long term relationship with my client?

 How do I make my message relevant and attract prospects?

 How can my team become a more knowledgeable resource for those I hope to persuade?

 How can my team accurately identify the most important issues facing my buying audience?

 How do I add value to our products or services that our competition does not or cannot have?

 How can I become an expert or thought leader in my industry and community?

 How do I identify the issues I'm solving for my customers and then build this into my marketing plan?

 How do I identify what frustrates prospects when they are shopping for our product or service?

 How do I identify the key phrases our prospects use to search for our offerings?

 What do I know about our service or product that I wish people could just understand? Why is that important?

• If I understand better what my customer needs, will I be more successful with them?

• If I document a “superior” reason why we are in business and communicate that to prospective customers, what difference will that make?

• If I gather information about the gaps in my customer’s business, will my business or partners be able to better meet the customer's needs?

• If I segment my database and then provide compelling content to each segment, will I attract more business from them?

Print this list out.  Start to answer these questions and then evaluate whether your marketing plan incorporates the answers. We love to helping and guiding entrepreneurs to find solutions that do just that.  Answering these questions will help you to make better decisions as you are developing business relationships.


What question(s) have I missed that matter to you?  269-445-3001


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