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As you search for ways to make a positive long-term impact for the business consider these proven ways CRM  can help improve the way to acquire, keep and grow more profitable customers....


  1. Infor CRM excels at organizing information by context. For example, you can associate emails, documents and sales information with 'top' customers and access these when you need them.
  2. Have you ever needed to find information about a customer but you can’t remember all of their details? Infor CRM includes a powerful search and filtering options that will help you find this information faster.

  3. About to meet an important client or prospect? You can review their contact history for the opportunity on your mobile device before you see them.

  4. Because your data is backed up securely in the cloud, you can spend less time worrying about security and backups. Storing your information in the cloud reduces the amount of paper work you and your team have to deal with every day.
  5. Using social CRM, you can manage your presence and contact relationships on social media such as Twitter and Linked-In.




  6. You can send targeted email campaigns and report on the success of these campaigns using Swiftpage and Infor CRM. Or you can set up drip-marketing campaigns that work 365 days a year.  
  7. Purpose-built Infor CRM is designed so that you can find your information from anywhere using the intuitive user interface.  It contains your terminology and only the needed menu options without useless fluff.
  8. There’s no sense in customer service teams looking for information about the same customer problems repeatedly. Instead, your customer service team members can store this information in CRM and provide exceptional customer service.

  9. A customer support representative can log new support issues, view the status of their open tickets and visualize trends by area, category, time, etc. within CRM.  Additionally the sales account manager can view open and recently closed issues before they make follow up calls.

  10. Infor CRM can save your team members time during their working day. For example, a sales executive can automatically schedule follow-up appointments for a sales manager who just closed an important deal.

  11. If you have products and services that don't require complex sales cycles, you can sell these in fewer steps within Infor CRM.  If you need multiple sales processes with various manual/automated steps for your offerings, Infor CRM can do that.

  12. There are proven principles and 7 proven habits found in well-used CRM that can be applied to your businesss.

  13. Infor CRM shows sales executives who they need to call next. This means they can spend less time figuring out who to call and more energy working through their call list.

  14. A sales executive can review your company's sales pipeline and use this information to plan targeted followup and sales campaigns.

  15. Infor CRM is personal. For example, a sales executive can see their calendar and tasks and view Key Performance Indicators about new opportunities on their personal dashboard.

  16. A sales manager can generate quotes, callback leads, and use detailed customer histories to cross-sell and up-sell.

  17. A customer service representative can check the communications history of a support/service issue, view the status of a resolution, and then provide more relevant answers for customers.

  18. You can adapt Infor CRM to track competitors, manage company events and oversee key business projects.

  19. Discover trends faster and make smarter decisions faster with Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence with Infor CRM.Advanced_analytics_-Sales_Summary

#20  A well-used CRM system in place that is purpose-built for the way you do business, becomes an appreciating asset - a real value for your business.

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