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2 Key Resources for Successful Emarketing Functionality in bpm online


Emarketing - Campaign Resources

Campaign Log – View analytics on how your marketing campaigns are doing. You can monitor the flow of your campaigns with the help of campaign log.

Evaluate your marketing efficiency and optimize marketing campaigns using bpm’online’s marketing analytical tools. Analyze campaigns by the number of generated leads and their conversions rates and obtain a 360-degree campaign view to identify bottlenecks. Target your efforts towards the most relevant audiences, channels and approaches.

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 bpm online campaign log-1


Campaign Elements – Understanding what each element does. Campaign diagrams consist of campaign elements connected with transitions.

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 Campaign Elements


Campaign Transitions Between Elements - Transitions between campaign elements are called “flows”. Flows are used to determine the sequence of campaign steps and conditions that the participants have to meet in order to advance to the next campaign step. To add flows, click a campaign element on the diagram and select the type of transition to create: a regular transition section_campaigns_item_unconditional_transition.png (“sequence flow”) or a conditional transition section_campaigns_item_conditional_transition.png (“condition flow”).

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Conditional flows have two options in the [Enable delay before executing an element?] field:

  • No, execute after the previous one. Select this option to advance the participants to the next step according to the default campaign execution frequency. Read more >>>

  • Yes, for specified time period. Select this option to advance the participants to the next step after a certain number of days (hours) at the specified time.



All condition flows have a filter-based condition. By configuring the transition filter, you may branch the campaign flow based on the campaign participant data.

The filter is applied to the campaign participant contacts. If the contact and its connected objects match filter conditions, the corresponding campaign participant transfers down the condition flow. For example, by filtering VIP clients, you can send them to a separate campaign branch with special steps and conditions, and regular customers will advance through the campaign according to the basic campaign steps.



Emarketing - Landing Page Resources 

How to edit the HTML code for bpm online Landing Pages –To correctly fill out the fields of a lead record added automatically after a registration on a landing page, edit the unique HTML code and add the edited code to the landing page code.

The list of lead page fields that are filled out upon a registration on a landing page is located in the “fields” block of the generated HTML code. Match these fields to the web form fields. Below is an example of the “fields” block in the HTML code.

The list of fields that can be mapped:

  • “Name” —> [Full name];

  • “Email” —> [Email];

  • “Zip” —> [ZIP code];

  • “MobilePhone” —> [Mobile phone];

  • “Company” —> [Account name];

  • “Industry” —> [Industry];

  • “FullJobTitle” —> [Job title].

  • “UseEmail” —> This checkox indicates whether the customer agreed to receive promotional materials.

Read the bpm' online support documentation Here>

Next: How to add the modified HTML code to the code on the Website documentation Here>

Check out the bpm' online Marketplace for WordPress connectors to your existing landing pages.  Sunny Landing Pages is a drag and drop landing page builder that allows marketers to design, develop and publish their campaign landing pages in just a few minutes.


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