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1. Adding channels

Beesender allows you to add the following communication channels with customers: Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Skype for business, LiveChat for your site, Custom Channel (API).

2. Add operators to the system

Beesender allows you to add an unlimited number of operators and chatbots (within the acquired licenses) and set an order in which they communicate with customers. Plus, you can choose the permissible load on the chat operators

3. Decrease Waiting time

You can set a specific time limit before closing old chats or transferring to another operator when the assigned one is inactive.

4. Get a built-in communication panel

The communication panel is an operator’s working window that’s built directly into the bpm'online interface. It facilitates the operator communicating with clients, launching business processes directly from the dialog box, transferring to chatbot, etc.

5. Get notified on main menu

By following a menu prompt to select one of the suggested buttons, the operator launches the use of hot response templates, adding tags to the dialog, starting a business process via chat, sending knowledge base resources to the client, transferring the chat to another operator or chatbot, or closing the chat..

6. Adding instant messengers to the contact card

After linking the channel, the user has used to contact the operator, it appears in the system’s contact card and the «Communication options» detail. Going forward, the operator only needs to click on that channel logo to open a new chat with the contact in the communication panel.

7. Resume a chat

The operator can resume an already closed chat. When you click on the button "Continue chat," it will open in the communication panel, keeping all previous correspondence history.

8. Add unique business process elements with designer buttons.

Message with buttons.

The Beesender chatbot can send a message with buttons to the messenger user if you fill in specific fields in the business process designer: a text field that will show up for the messenger user as an ordinary message from the bot, and fields of buttons that will receive the desired type of response options for the user.

Sending Coordinates

The user can receive a message from the chatbot regarding geolocation. To do this, you only need to fill in the fields "Latitude" and "Longitude" with the necessary values.

9. Collect all "Chats"

This section presents a register of all chats entered into the system. The operator can customize columns and, using standard bpm'online functionality, add filters / groups or tags

10. Access additional analytics

The Beesender package also provides analytics for the Chats section, which includes info about site visitors (data about countries and cities of each of them), chat statistics (by the source of calls - communication channels, by category and call schedule) and direct chats (about the number of accepted / unaccepted, closed / open chats).

11. See site visitor information

The chat card includes a tab containing all the information about the site visitor, which is filled by the operator or chatbot.

12. Gather stats

Statistics on the number of messages in the chat and response time are also contained in the Chat card.


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