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10 more smart ideas to optimize the benefits from your CRM

Make your business work smarter with CRM

In the day in and day out struggle with running a business sometimes you have to stop working IN your business and start working ON your business. In part one, we listed 10 bright ideas for greater business success with CRM then expand the possibilities with part two: 10 more bright ideas

Here are 10 additional smart ideas to consider for your customer knowledge-based CRM system.

  • Everyone owns the customer experience.  The COO may quarter-back the customer experience, but you can't complete a sales play without those sturdy linemen, running backs, and receivers.  Studies have found that the customer service department normally owns the customer experience but it may also be the IT, marketing, or sales department. Whichever department it is, promote individual responsibility so that everyone has a hand and vested interest in building customer loyalty.
  • Be proactive with surveysSometimes no news is not good news. Waiting for customers, vendors, and partners to tell you their opinions is like waiting to be told to go after the red light changes.  Ask before you act on a new strategy or develop a new product. Or at the very least roll out the survey alongside the implementation. Get 40 ways to remain top-of-mind when the customer experience is fresh. Check the last communications with your contacts and verify you have not lost touch. 
    Last activity touch with a contact

  • Solve on the first call. Solving your customer's inquiries on the first go-round to avoid repeat calls and additional costs will delight customers and keep your costs in check. Empower your service and support reps with integrated customer service/ticket/case management capabilities from your Creatio CRM.  Know the times from the initial service call to the date and time of resolution. Focus on solving on their first call.
  • Anticipate customer needs.  Focusing on quick sales does nothing for relationship building. So think longer-term: what would be the customer lifetime value over 1 year, 5 years, 10 years.  Make sure your CRM is adaptable and integrated with your accounting sales order information.  Good sales professionals will appreciate it and better anticipate the customer's needs.
  • Gain competitive intelligence. The competitors that your sales force comes across should be identified with each related sales opportunity. In fact, make sure you have those competitors and their known contact identified in your CRM system. Identify the competitive strengths and weaknesses and develop a selling strategy that can be shared across your organization.  Those new sales professionals you just hired can jump-start their productivity with this type of information.  You are tracking each opportunity win/loss with a reason and related competitor, aren't you? 
    Easily manage the selling strategy and tactics for competitorsTactics and competitors for opportunity mgmt

  • Automate processes.  With the technology available today many reoccurring processes can be automated and operational costs reduced. Once a web lead is entered it can check against your CRM database.  The lead's contact information can be automatically created or updated, the related sales person alerted, a follow-up call scheduled, and the web contact person can be notified of the next coming actions.  BPM- business process management and CRM needs to be part of your strategic business development plan.
    Creatio support case registration via incoming call 
  • Identify your cheerleaders. As simple as it seems we see CRM systems that don't have their best customers or clients identified. Add some fields to identify if a contact is a reference source or not.  When leads are entered identify who the referral/lead source was.  Use the power of the Pareto 80/20 law and identify the 20% of customers that generate 80% of your business.  We have seen clients successfully use an A/B/C system to keep their staff's focused.
  • Learn to adapt.  Businesses change and it seems that those who can adapt the fastest, survive longer.  So your CRM and its related technology must also adapt. They may be regulatory changes, mergers and acquisitions, and other external shifts to adapt to. Businesses need a technology infrastructure that can respond to rapid change, and be agile and flexible.  Make sure your CRM database and business rules can learn to adapt.
  • Respond quickly to customer inquiries. Ever hang up on a support call because the response took too long or you sent an email to support@company.com but did not receive an acknowledgment or an actionable response?   When your customer sends an email or leaves a message, or comes to a service counter, that customers' time is precious. No one wants to sit around waiting for an answer.  Provide a customer self-service portal, provide access to a searchable knowledge database, provide links to FAQs with related downloadable materials, and make sure the call queue is clear on a timely basis. Think of yourself as a customer, please, then get this solved within your business.
  • Don't throw good money after bad. Spending more money on a newSalesLogix-Analytics application to fix a problem isn't always the answer.  Often, some re-engineering of business processes or realigning what you already have is possible.  Can you leverage current applications to gain new functionality or services to solve a problem?  Again is your CRM system adaptable enough to track that related prospect or customer information?  Can the software business rules be modified?  Do you need a smarter, skilled CRM implementer with real work business experience?  [Shameless plug !]


Refer back to part one: 10 bright ideas for greater business success with CRM then expand the possibilities with part two: 10 more bright ideas.


Let's start a conversation with myself as an experienced CRM system designer, developer, and implementer that is concerned about your business success with CRM! 

Email Dick or give us a phone call: 269-445-3001

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