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It has been said that behavior drives actions and actions drive results. 

With competition getting tougher every year it is important to reflect on the basics.  I remember that the great basketball coach, John Wooden, would educate his players by starting off with the basics.  They first had to learn how to put on their socks and shoes so they did not get blisters...

Many businesses have a culture of referrals that drive their business actions and the behavior of their people.  So here are 10 guidelines to help you develop your referable behavior from  Complements by Alan Butt, Manager at RUOFF Home Mortgage, who shared this with fellow Michiana BNI members:


#1.  Tell the truth, no matter what, and quickly admit when you are wrong.

#2.  Be on time.

#3.  Make no assumptions about your clients and their priorities.  Instead, ask the question: "What is important about ________ to you?"

#4.  Establish boundaries that benefit both your clients and you.

#5.  Be more interested than interesting.

#6.  Acknowledge people frequently with handwritten, personal notes.

#7.  Say "Please" and "thank you".

#8.  Actively invite feedback.  Give people permission to share how they feel about your service.

#9.  Do your homework, and never wing it.

#10. Speak with confidence and passion, deliberately selecting your words.

How often do you consider the power of improving your referral behavior?  Which guideline hit home most with you?

Success with CRM Consulting is a proud 10+ year member of the Michiana BNI group who meets weekly from 7:00 am - 8:30 am on Thursday.



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