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Customer_Service_Rep.jpgAs a CRM Solutions Consultant for Infor CRM, every day I strap on my headset and grab my mouse and set forth and answer the question "why should I buy CRM?"  It is always helpful to abide by The 10 Commandments of CRM, so let’s explore what they are from my perspective:

The 10 Commandments of CRM

  1. Know thy customer 
  2. Serve thy customer with efficiency
  3. Employ intelligent targeting outreach programs
  4. Thou shall automate the mundane
  5. Demonstrate enterprise-wide buy-in and commitment
  6. Offer reward and recognition programs
  7. Execute a CRM project marketing Plan
  8. Make CRM accessible across devices
  9. Aggregate data – ERP, social, marketing, sales
  10. Make CRM a discipline and strategy

Now re-read the first 3. They are squarely focused on the customer, as they should be. The “C” comes first in CRM. Customers today simply want fast, simple, excellent, first-class treatment.  Your competitors are everywhere, alternatives are many and only a “right-click” away. So make CRM about your customer first and foremost.

Every low-code Creatio client wants ROI – return on investment.  The remaining 7 items are focused on building that return. What buyers of CRM don’t always recognize is the “R” for Return can be identified by Creatio but must be accomplished through proper use and adoption.

So in brief, these 7 maxims focus on making CRM a valuable tool, that simplifies work, is a utility to all and reward is an outcome of use.  CRM deployed correctly, should be considered an indispensable tool that contains the utility needed to be successful in your individual role. 

Keep in mind, CRM is not the recipe for success, it is the ingredients.

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