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The point of a CRM knowledge database is the value it provides.


If you had a system, a set of processes that captures knowledge about all the relationships of people that matters for your business success - how valuable would that be?

If that knowledge database is easily assessable and equally shared with your employees, what would be the increase in staff engagement and thus in the quality of the customer experience?


Consider these asset builders:

  • Start with basics:  Who are your prospects and customers.  Their contact information, preferred method of communication, etc.
  • What are the key interests and behaviors of your customers.  Are they quality sensitive, on time delivery focused or price driven.
  • What your customers have purchased over time and the conditions of the sale.
  • Why your customers have made purchases from your business.
  • What your prospects and customers are asking about in the development of quotes and proposals?  What they are interested in....
  • What has attracted a new prospect to visit your web site or call you that interests them.
  • What marketing strategies and tactics are producing results.
  • Who is your best referral sources and why?
  • What is the conversion rate of unqualified leads to qualified buyers.
  • Who are your A's, B's, C's customers and what is their annual level of revenue.
  • Which customers from which specific industry segments are your most profitable.
  • What 20% of your customers are generating 80+ percentage of your revenue?
  • Which CSR's - customer service representatives- are providing the most satisfying results to customer inquiries.
  • Which sales professionals are generating closed sales from which type of customer most effectively.
  • How long is the sales cycle and what is the closing ratio.
  • What industry trends are directing and attracting people to your web site, your trade show booth and other marketing outposts you have.
  • What service and support issues are re-occurring and what do the patterns indicate.
  • Who is being attracted to your e-marketing newsletters and which content is getting the most interest.
  • What are the responses from customer satisfaction surveys and what is your company's net promoter score.


"To know thy customer" more thoroughly is a primary value benefit of a CRM knowledge database. 



Unless you are from some other planet or universe you'll need a strategy and a relational database system with your proven processes to trap that knowledge and then USE IT for your greater success.


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Interested?  Questions?

Take the Next Step forward now..... to discover new ideas and practical solutions for creating an asset arsenal.

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