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7 Keys to Success with CRM- A successful CRM Implementation is not a destination, it's a journey.  In this ebook you'll learn:

  • What CRM can do for you
  • How and where to get the right partnership help
  • The things you need to know before choosing a CRM tool
  • How to tailor the process solution to your needs
  • How to tie everyhing together




How to Choose the right CRM system People:  An  Opportunity - Not a RoadblockTechnology should serve the needs of people, not the other way around. In this ebook you'll learn:

  • Find the Right 'Pilots' or early adopters who can train other users
  • Promote adoption of the new CRM system
  • Implement your new system as a team effort



Smart Companies use CRM for Customer Service-1.pngCRM Stratgies to Provide Better service to Your Customers

Julie and I noticed that many of the features of mid-level and enterprice cRM solutions such as Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix) are more geared to ongoing service than for sales. We wrote this guide for CRM strategies utilizing Infor CRM for operations managers and COOs that want and need better ways to manage their customers wants and needs.  

If you or someone you work with manages a support operation of 10 employees or more, I suspect they will get a few useful insights from this E-book. Please do them a favor and forward this page to them.  Their entire department will appreciate it. 


The Beginner's Guide to CRM

"Customer relationship management" can sound intimiating to small and medium-sized businesses. A few spreadsheets and rules of thumb will do fine for a start up business with only a few customers. But what happens when a business starts to boom?  Here is what is covered.The Beginners Guide to CRM.png

  • What is a CRM
  • Which companies use a CRM
  • 4 Benefits of a CRM
  • 9 Must-Have CRM Features
  • Next Steps



Make CRM Stick - How to Success Where Others Fail

In this ebook you'll learn:

  • Success where others fail with CRM
  • Create a solid implementation plan
  • Choose a highly flexible solution
  • Choose a CRM system that's easy to personalize
  • Use email to your advantage
  • Select a system with social media capabilities
  • Go live with CRM - and not look back.

Get an actionable report from 14 key question survey by clicking <Get Executive CRM Decision tool> below:

Executive CRM Decision Tool

Executive_-_CRM_Decision_Ebook_-_CA.jpgExecutive Decision eBook

Gain Insights and answers to questions like:

  • Can a CRM Solution Enable a Dynamic Workforce?
  • Can a CRM Solution Satisfy a Company's Operational Requuirements?
  • Can a CRM Solution Keep a Company's Data Secure?
  • Will Users Adopt a CRM Solution We Choose?
  • Does the CRM Solution Offer the Flexibility We Need?





Story of Dick and Julie in a discussion of their experiences working with entrepreneurs and small businesses who implement contact management and CRM systems!  Learn about 12 ways to anticipate and thus prepare for a better future

Download link for 12 Ways to Anticipate the Significant Mistakes Made in CRM...





Download this "Make Your Business Work Smarter" PDF with strategies and actions to make your business work smarter, especially in acquiring, developing and retaining, profitable clients and customers.

 - Maintaining a consistent and full pipeline

-  Remaining 'Top of Mind' and able to be found when the customer is ready.


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Organizations rarely go it alone when they implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy and its supporting technology.

To obtain the success you deserve with CRM - consider the following 18 Requirements for Success with CRM.





Download Success Manual for Unpredictable Times

Strategies to Support your Creative Thinking, your Communications and Your Actions.

Always useful for the Success minded person.



The Critical Importance of a Well-Used, Purpose-Built CRM System 


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Resources: Planning for CRM Success

18 Requirements for Business Success with CRM


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 CRM-successInfographic_Sales Mobility 

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 CRM-successCRM: A Business Imperative 

 CRM-successBuilding the Case for CRM

CRM2.0-Critical-businessCreating a CRM Business Case



Grow your business with Saleslogix 

 CRM-successSales Mobility: Quota Untethered           

 CRM-business-ImperativeMaximize Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Potential - Leveraging the 360 degree Customer view 

17-rules-of-roadSales Forecasting-How Top Performance Leverage... 

17-rules-of-roadSales Effectiveness: Getting Sales Back to Selling

 CRM-successA Systematic Approach to Mobile Strategy


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