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A successful CRM Implementation is not a destination, it’s a journey.  Read our ebook to find out more.

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The most common reason that our clients come to us is to have a more capable, well-used CRM system. Basically they have outgrown their current system.  If your current CRM system is not an effective “knowledgebase asset” that your people engage regularly, your organization may be losing valuable opportunities and productivity.

On the other hand, when you upgrade to a CRM that is robust enough to handle your organization’s needs, you will:

     Gain visibility into your entire business

     Put your people first with a fully customizable CRM

     Get accurate and timely information

     Remove limitations to growth


Gain visibility into your entire business

With the help of a full-fledged CRM, you will have a full business development system at your fingertips.  To maintain and grow a successful business, you need a ‘bird’s eye view’ of your business.

The right CRM system will give you access to high-level information that will allow you to see your day-to-day operations from a distance so you can identify trends and take action. It is also easy to drill down and isolate data that needs separate analysis.

This is the kind of business intelligence that will help you reproduce your successes and improve your weak areas. You’ll be able to track customers, prospects, leads, competitors, vendors and strategic partners with ease.

Put your people first with a fully customizable CRM

Your CRM system should support the way your people work, not the other way around.

One of the greatest obstacles to a successful CRM implementation is low rates of adoption. We focus on the people who will be working with the CRM and customize it to support the way that they are already working. This is a proven way to ensure that your staff will be eager to adopt the new system.

We also look for ways to improve workflow and productivity by automating repetitive tasks and reducing the number of screens and clicks required to complete tasks.

Get accurate, timely information

In order to drive growth, you need business intelligence. Data is at the heart of all business decisions. You need up-to-the minute and accurate information to steer your business toward growth.

With a full-fledged CRM system, you can access timely information with custom reporting. This will help you identify the ‘ceilings’ where your people are stuck. Armed with the right information, you will be able to help your staff move past obstacles and drive your company to growth.

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With a variety of solutions designed for individuals, small groups and large organizations, Act! is has a program no matter the size of your business. Let us help find the right one for you!

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"Dick Wooden is the ultimate pro at applying and teaching the value of CRM, business strategy..."

Steve Stogdil, Owner,
Victorian Pantry

Steve Stogdil

Choosing a CRM


Success with CRM Consulting implements fully adaptable and customizable CRM systems that captures knowledge easily, returns new insights, and allows for better decisions to be made quicker. 

We collaborate directly with our clients to focus on getting, growing and keeping profitable clients for small and medium sized managed professional service firms and process-oriented manufacturers.

Our professional service clients see rapid growth through our easy to implement systematic approach to stay ‘top of mind’ to their clients to effectively nurture business relationships.  Too many precious moments are lost trying to lookup key information on important contacts that can provide quick insights into past conversations and commitments. 

As a business owner and relationship building professional, the perspectives that can be gained on up to date knowledge about the clients business can transform a business for consistent long term success.