People: An Opportunity, Not a Roadblock

Posted by Dick Wooden

You hear it all the time: "People are our No. 1 asset." Or, "People are our most important resource." And yet it's amazing how often people get left out of the equation when a company is considering a new CRM system.

I understand why this happens. It's easy to get caught up in bells and whistles. Technology can help us to do amazing things, and that's certainly true of CRM. But without people, technology is only technology. That's why we at Success With CRM are such fans of People First CRM.

CRM can't just be a well-running database. CRM has to be well used and purpose-built. And when we encourage our clients to follow People First CRM, that's what we're helping them do.

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5 Focused Questions and Resources to Finish the Year Strong

Posted by Dick Wooden

Three fourths of the year is gone leaving approximately 90 days left for this year.  Take away the holidays and weekends does not leave a lot of time to finish strong for the year.  But we are in the home stretch or as Yogi Berra would say "It ain't over till it's over."  And sometimes a win occurs at the very end like may top college football games so far.  Are you hoping something magical will happen?

Dedicate, Plan, Execute

Dedicate to yourself to take time to step back and ask what it's going to take for you and your team to finish strong this year.  Consider these questions and resources as you plan.  Consider the answers as you execute to get the desired, valuable outcomes. 

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Infor CRM - Connected, Clear and Smart - View What's New

Posted by Dick Wooden

WOW lots of really helpful updates to report from this summer and for the near future.
Infor CRM has been actively planning and improving with a focus on three key strategic areas:  Connected, Clear and Smart.  The following is a quick summary view of what has been happening and will be coming to your world of Infor CRM.....

#1 Connected

Connected is about extending the reach of CRM to ERP's, collaboration, and the world of ION to create the first Agile Enterprise experience.  This allows companies to seamlessly connect the Infor software they use and create a truly unified experience for front-office and back-office.

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Increase Awareness to Increase Sales and Revenue

Posted by Dick Wooden

People cannot buy what they are not aware of.  Even your existing customers are too busy to know what ways you can help and the products and services you also have. The average awareness is 25%. 

75% of existing customers don't know. You haven't systematically communicated everything else that your existing customers can buy from you!  A slight increase in awareness catapults sales.  Aim for improvement not perfection.

Action Steps to Take: During every interaction with existing customers ask: "Did you know we also do ...."

Example of action steps:

  • During Phone calls
  • In Emails
  • In Ads
  • In Meetings
  • In Proposals
  • On Email Signature Lines 
  • In New Product or Service Literature

Did you know that Success with CRM Consulting also provides:

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Using Infor CRM Xbar- CRM productivity Inside Outlook

Posted by Dick Wooden

The current version of Infor CRM Xbar is 1.2.1 that became available this summer.  It includes more productivity enhancements which make it very easy to add new accounts, contacts, opportunities, tickets, activities and note right from your Microsoft Outlook 2010 or 2013 versions.

The practical usage improvements start with being able to Complete Actions in Infor CRM from Xbar such as completing meetings and To Dos (any schedule activity)

The Ask Menu pops up when simply dragging email information over a card or selecting the Task menu: 



Other options I like that greatly improve functionality:

You can now jump directly from Xbar Ticket or Opportunity view to the full client version of that Ticket or Opportunity if needed.  Now you can easily capture New Tickets and New Opportunities directly from inside of Outlook and jump to your Windows or Web client version for more information or use the full CRM system capabilities.

The Global Search improvements provide added filters for entity-related drill down such as searching for a person that in Leads or Contacts at the same time.

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Infor CRM Latest Updates - Live Webinar

Posted by Dick Wooden

We have a lot to share…

Don’t miss this webinar—Wed, Sept 23 at 8am PT / 11am ET

We’re excited to share with you the latest updates to Infor CRM in an upcoming webinar. This will be a great opportunity to hear first-hand from Jeff Hanrahan, Infor CRM Product Manager, about the latest configuration, integration, and collaboration features and enhancements. 

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Value Creation- Determining the Worth of Well-Used CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

Your well-used CRM system has its worth updated every day.  

Your CRM purpose-built system operates the way you need it to operate and so it is adding value to your business every day. Having this well-used CRM system is adding value to people every day in their productivity gains and the level of engagement with the customer. The customer service reps are genuinely helping on each customer support call. Additionally each customer is receiving a better experience they value greatly because of the way your people and your CRM knowledge database interact.  The worth of insightful knowledge of organizations, of people and of the relationships is priceless.

Today you better understand your ever-evolving buyer....

In "Understanding the Value Points for CRM in Your Business" I mentioned CRM is about understanding the buying habits and preferences of your customers and prospects so you can: 

  • Build and strengthen customer relationships to keep them coming back.

  • Provide value-added services which are difficult for competitors to duplicate.

  • Improve your product development and service delivery processes.

  • Increase your staff’s awareness of customer needs.

  • Reduce customer frustration by not asking the same questions over and over.

Consider the value-added benefits these bring to your organization.  Also consider the Customer Value Improvements, mentioned below.

Measuring the Results of CRM

In "Measuring the Results of CRM" by Ruth P. Stevens covers metrics in three arenas: Cost savings, Revenue Enhancements and Customer Value Improvements.

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Key warning signs you really don't know your customer!

Posted by Dick Wooden

Now let's be real here and take a bigger perspective of your company's  knowledge of its customers.  

We often find that when my firm reviews how a prospective CRM client has been using their CRM system, there are key gaps in the knowledge of the customer and the operational processes they follow.

This makes it much harder and time consuming for the marketing person, the sales team and the customer service representatives to do their job effectively.  Yes, we all get busy but a disiplined effort needs to be applied for keeping your customer information clean, accurate and fine tuned.  Yes, operational processes  can be optimized.  Yes, newer CRM systems like Infor CRM and Swiftpage Act! provide more efficient ways to add and update information on the fly using  mobile phones and tablets.

Does the information in your CRM system show a clear picture of who your customers really are and how they behave?

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Where CRM can help a Sales Professional accelerate performance

Posted by Dick Wooden

Areas for Improving an Individual's Productivity

A new system is only useful if there are perceived benefits for the individual actually using it. The opposite is also true. A system introduced by dictate where the perception is that this is only useful for collective benefits but actually adds a bureaucratic layer for the individual will fail. This is a frequent complaint about poorly managed CRM implementations; the effort to benefits analysis falls in favour of the effort and there are few perceived benefits for the user. This leads to users by-passing the system and consequent gaps in the information held and ultimately a failed CRM initiative.

This is easily avoided. No one, for example, complains that email makes his or her job harder. Quite the reverse. The same can also be realized in a well-used CRM system.

Example of "My Dashboard" in Infor CRM:

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Modern Quote Delivery and Management - QuoteValet

Posted by Dick Wooden

I suspect that each of us at some time in our life have had an experience with a modern valet service. It may have been at a fine restaurant, at a larger hotel or some special event.  The service is there to make it easier for you, to reduce some stress and to make your experience more special.


Now you can have this similar valet service for creating and managing quotes for your sales reps along with providing personalized access to the quote to your prospects and customers.


QuoteValet is the online quote delivery and acceptance vehicle for QuoteWerks.  QuoteWerks integrates well with Swiftpage Act! and Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix).

QuoteValet is a more robust way to deliver quotes to your customers and prospects.

Rather than attaching the PDF file to the quote and emailing it to your customer (where spam filters strip it out), QuoteValet will create a personalized web page to present the quote to our customer on 

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