Meet Act!: Contact Management for Small Business

Posted by Julie Cooper

Meet Vanessa as we follow her through her busy day, managing sales and follow up activities. She is struggling to reach out to prospective customers and what she really needs is an effective way to build and manage the business in order to increase sales.  

Manage your day and easily share conversations in real time

Learn how to grow the business, organize meetings and monitor performance. Watch how Vanessa can access a customer group or company records to discover useful information including contact details and social updates.  Using the calendar she can plan for upcoming meetings where presentations activities are completed. She can then use her mobile phone or tablet to get direct access to her contacts and create notes so that her team can keep track of all conversations in real time.

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Accelerate quote creation with QuoteWerks for ACT or Infor CRM

Posted by Julie Cooper

Need to eliminate duplicate effort in updating your CRM, Excel or Word?

Now you can integrate quote/order information automatically to the CRM system.

Our clients that use the ACT Hosted Premium  are looking for a better solution to easily create quotes and integrate the Quote>Order>Invoice process with their ACT CRM. The ACT solution offers a generic quote development tool that is Microsoft Excel based, but is not customizable to most businesses needs.  ACT users are looking for help in obtaining solutions that would help them develop a quoting tool to their specific business needs.

How long does it take for your sales team to create a quote in MS Word? 15mins. to a half hour? How many times have they sent the quote out to the customer and with incorrect totals or pricing due to manual updating?

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Optimism is the first step to success

Posted by Dick Wooden

The following is a helpful article from Harvey Mackay who is a fountain of important thoughts and actions.  A postive outlook on life and in business are core principles to our success. I call it "Smart optimism of the Successful". Enjoy!

Two old friends met at a local social gathering and one was struck with how sad and depressed the other was.

“You look like your world is about to end,” said Jack.

With a sad face, Joe replied, “You don't know the half of it.  Three weeks ago, an aunt of mine died and left me $100,000.”

“That's terrific!” Jack said.

Scarcely pausing, Joe added, “Two weeks ago, this cousin I never heard of died, and I was his closest relative, so the lawyer said I’d inherited $95,000, all tax free.”

“So why is that bad?”

“Then last week a grandfather I haven’t spoken to in 10 years passed away, and he left me almost half a million dollars!”

“So what’s your problem?”

“This week – nothing!”

You just can’t please everyone.

I’m an eternal optimist.  Where there is an optimist, there is a way.  Success requires irrepressible optimism. 

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Migrate ACT data to Infor CRM (Saleslogix) with Confidence

Posted by Dick Wooden

Outgrown Act and need an effective data migration to a more complete CRM?

So you have come to a conclusion that your trusted and true ACT contact management system has done all it can do to help your business to continue to grow.  You have taken this easy to modify system very far with customizations and performed work arounds to make it work the way your business operates.  But the limitations are now forcing an upgrade to a fully capable CRM system that is a very adaptable system, such as Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix).

A major concern is how to safely and conveniently migrate your core ACT and customized ACT tables of contacts, companies, opportunities, activities, history, notes, emails, attachments and products to Infor CRM. You realized that there will be the need for additional matching and data manipulations beyond a standard mapping from ACT tables to Infor CRM tables.  Also during this process some data garbage needs to be removed and data transformation must occur. Additionally you'll want to adjust the ACT source data to better uses in Infor CRM, taking advantage of what the new system offers.

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The Secret Assassin of the CRM system

Posted by Dick Wooden

Gartner says we spent $18 billion on CRM software in 2012, and $20.4 billion on CRM software in 2013. Its vice president of research, Joanne Correia, says that CRM “will be at the heart of digital initiatives in the coming years”. 

The future is bright for the industry, and businesses clearly see the benefit of CRMs: better returns, better staff morale, increased productivity. 

However, there’s a silent virus lurking in many CRMs. It’s a virus that slowly gets a foothold in the system, then slowly starts to deprive it of oxygen, choking it until it can no longer breathe. As the CRM starts to suffer, the business starts to falter. It wastes time and money, and it spends more and more time trying to stick a Band-Aid on the problem. 

So what is the virus? The secret assassin of the CRM? It’s poor quality data. Since the CRM system is simply a framework, the data within it holds the key to its success.

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Why CRM is your most important sales tool

Posted by Dick Wooden

Are you focusing on the right things with the right tool....

"The most expensive thing you can do in sales is spend your time with the wrong prospect", Jeff Blout  from his new book Fanatical Prospecting - the ultimate guide to opening the sales conversations and filling the pipeline by levering social selling, telephone, e-mail, text, and cold calling.

I recently picked up a copy of Jeff's book and went directly to Chapter 11 "Own Your Database: Why the CRM is your most important sales tool" because there are too many books relating to "selling" that leave out the importance of CRM and authors who can't get across the importance of having a well-used CRM system

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Understanding Value of CRM from a 8 year old's Perspective

Posted by Dick Wooden

Here at Success with CRM Consulting, Julie and I help entrepreneurs and business stakeholders navigate the complex analysis and decision-making process in accelerated business growth by using our expertise and life experiences with our successful clients and key strategic partner resources.

Over the years we have found many unique ways in describing our products and services. Here's our newest approach...

You’re an 8 year old who starts a corner stand to sell lemonade so you can buy a new "flashy red" bike.  You decide to open your stand from 11am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday this summer. 

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The 3X Factor - Drive CRM User Adoption

Posted by Dick Wooden

It is critical that during the CRM deployment and training process, you carefully engineer the Ah-Ha moments for your user community.

These moments will crystalize the intent and purpose of why the CRM implementation is happening. The key is making the CRM system about the user experience and not about the results of use. All too often CRM deployments are perceived as “Big Brother” monitoring me. While reporting is a capability CRM provides, the project team has to proliferate the message that, CRM is intended to, first and foremost, to give the user Better and More data, to enable outstanding service while interacting with the customer, which builds loyalty.   Secondly, the CRM deployment should focus on simplifying workflow through a reduction of the toolsets required to perform in each role.

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CRM Critical Success Factors - Educating users and Reviews

Posted by Dick Wooden

Focus on the NEW!

In planning for a well-used CRM system consider the best ways to educate both the new and experienced CRM users.  Get personal and specific- How can it help make life easier?

(Our thanks to Jeff Hanrahan, Infor CRM product manager, assoc., for his input.)

Educating Users

"Education around CRM is a huge thing, especially for people who are using a CRM system for the first time," Hanrahan says. "No one will ever learn CRM overnight — it's a super complex tool that takes years to master and to appreciate what it's capable of. But understanding it so that you know how to function in your role — that's how people should attack it first."

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Infor CRM:  Integrated Marketing Automation Simplified Solution

Posted by Dick Wooden

Marketing Automation Simplified with Salesfusion

Salesfusion integrates with Infor CRM and provides the industry's only marketing automation platform that is fully embedded in Infor CRM out of the box. This powerful marketing automation platform connects marketing and sales like never before for Infor CRM users.  From tracking leads at the point of capture through tracking lead behavior inside of Infor CRM, Salesfusion adds tremendous value and the ability to manage leads and revenue from your marketing channels.  Whether you are a using a premise-based version or the online 8.x version of Infor CRM, Salesfusion will dramatically improve your Infor CRM system with Salesfusion's ability to capture, track and manage leads through the entire funnel. 

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