Keys to CRM Success - Building a Successful CRM Evaluation

Posted by Dick Wooden

Previously we have discussed How to choose CRM software - starting point guidelines and a road map in getting started in your CRM discovery journey, The following article expands on this topic from our friend at Infor: Erik Tavenner, Solutions Consultant.

Benjamin Franklin, the father of time management, once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” In that spirit, you need to consider planning as a critical element to your CRM evaluation.

Why so critical and how do you it?  Let’s take a closer look.

Industry research:

It is important to do your diligence and see what the industry is saying about the competitive landscape. It is rarely the deciding factor, but can be a great launching point to narrowing down a short list.

  • Ask who the leaders are in the market?
  • Find third-party research resources available with CRM vendor evaluations
  • Decide if you are looking for a vertical Niche solution or the most ubiquitous easy to use solution

Download  Nucleus Research: CRM pays back $8.71 for every dollar spent

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Grow Smarter - CRM Integration for Greenhouse Nursery

Posted by Julie Cooper

Using CRM to Extend Existing Key Business Strategy

A recent client is well known for their great customer experience in obtaining accurate pricing, product
availability and ease of placing orders. 
Their Picas Greenhouse Production software capabilities handle financial, inventory, shipping, logistics planning, production, and wireless warehouse management.  


The production software did a good job with taking their product and getting it to the customer. However, the relationship communications with their customers were lacking. There is a need to have a systematic approach to consistently attract, retain and grow profitable customers. There was a need for the core capabilities of CRM - customer relationship management system.  An integrated systems approach is required in today's connected world.

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Rescue trapped knowledge in your CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

Avoid the Risks of Lost Knowledge 

Is there years of information in your CRM that seems hidden?

Does it take an person in IT to generate reports?

Need to translate those digital 1's and 0's into accessible knowledge?

Have you ever felt that you CRM has years of knowledge built up and you need easy ways to get at the information?

You need a way to perform a rescue?

With an adaptable, well-designed CRM system there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

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Know more, Sell more when CRM works with you

Posted by Dick Wooden

Two thirds of this year is gone! The dog days of summer are ending.  Only one third of 2016 is left to make an impression.  Enjoy the following resources to make this year one to remember

The Pipeline

Tired of the same old emails with the same tips and tricks about selling that you’ve seen over and over again? Well, we are too. This newsletter will be different; different because we will bring you relevant and timely sales nuggets to help you grow your pipeline and be the sales beast we know you are.

Let’s get things started with a look at how many sales engagements start—the elevator pitch. Take a look at “How to give a flawless elevator pitch” from Inc. and see how you can improve your elevator pitch.

Going up - giving that flawless elevator pitch >>>

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Change the way technology works with Infor ION

Posted by Dick Wooden

Who would not want to have a much easier way to:

  • Drive productivity
  • Eliminate informational silos
  • Improved exception management and
  • Achieve unparalled end-to-end effectiveness?

It can be done with Infor ION...

Purpose-built middleware. 

If your business is like most, the organizational systems you use have evolved over time, creating a complicated technology landscape. Disconnected systems and information silos result in inefficiencies, costly maintenance requirements, and ultimately—missed opportunities.

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More Wins and Effectiveness with One Integrated System

Posted by Dick Wooden

Selling could be more Effective

While visiting with a growing small business founder and CEO recently, Robert mentioned that one of the key challenges in the business was to have a more integrated system and not so many parts and pieces that are not talking with each other. There were segmented groups of people (silos) that were not working as a fully functioning team.  Information with one group was not easily shared with another group.  Robert wanted help in designing and creating an "integrated CRM system".  He had read the Aberdeen Group report that "businesses integrating disparate systems enjoy an 88% greater year-over-year increase annual revenue compared to others".

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1 Minute Solutions to Your Most Common Infor CRM Issues

Posted by Julie Cooper

Every day brings us new challenges in our jobs, but we don't need our Infor CRM system to be one of them. We 'Just need it to work'!

I know that's what you are thinking - loudly- in your head. Your in the Infor CRM system every day, updating records, looking up key information about a contact, analyzing and segmenting data, but when that moment comes that stops you from getting this information... Ugh!

These common issues, error messages or incorrect data displaying are a HUGE part of CRM user frustrations. This quickly leads to a high cost for companies over a short amount of time without preventive user awareness.

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See how mobile CRM can impact your bottom line

Posted by Dick Wooden

Let's face it - it is a mobile world out there and your sales organization needs to deploy a purpose-built CRM on mobile devices that will be well-used OR risk falling behind your competitors in sales productivity and effectiveness. If you have millennials in your sales force it is a business requirement for their full engagement.

Research by Accenture and Nucleus Research about the value of mobile CRM points this out. 76% of Chief Sales Officers think mobile CRM improves over sales team performance.  Research showed 14.6% to 26.4% increase in productivity.

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Freedom of Choice Rings True July 4th and in Best of CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

Freedom of Choice Rings True 

For America, July 4th has a very special place in our history and our culture.  It signifies our desire for freedom and the choices brave souls made over 240 years ago.  Having the "Freedom of Choice" pervades our lives and gives us options that many others across the world would love to have.

Daily my firm will have conversations with clients and prospects about choices they have available. We learn about the challenges they need to address and the advantages of valuable improvement opportunities. We'll share insights about what works for similar businesses scenarios and what has not worked. The 18 requirements of Success with CRM is a helpful checklist along with avoiding the three most expensive mistakes ebook.

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Clarifying Return on Investment of Your CRM Initiative

Posted by Jose Rosales

CRM ROI  - Return on Investment of $8.71 per dollar invested

Growing_ROI_in_CRM.pngWhat is it worth to you? This is the essential question to ask when trying to understand the return on investment of CRM.

Find about the study that estimated the average ROI to be $8.71 for every dollar spent!

How necessary are customer relationships, referrals and communication between employees to the success of your business?

Choosing a CRM system should be held to the same standards as any other business decision.

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