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Why you should align CRM stage names with the buyers journey

Posted by Dick Wooden

Problem:  Sales process is misaligned with Buyers Journey

Let's face the new reality- buyers can access a whole lot more about their solution options and customers are in the driver seat.  Too many times we'll see a B2B business implement CRM and when it gets to setting up their sales process steps, it turns to being all about them.  Have they not taken buying changes into their planning for managing opportunities?  It would seem to be a smarter plan to closely tie sales with the buyers journey.  Buyers do have a process although some times this is 'fuzzy' and can be greatly helped by actively facilitating their buying process.  Better yet - get to know your customer well enough to anticipate their needs and be a helpful guide on their journey.


If the probability of closing a marketing lead is 28% higher for companies that let their marketers change their CRM stages, and 88% higher if those new stages are buyer stages not seller stages, why do only 24% of marketers make this change?

That was a great question that has been raised by Hugh Macfarlane in his blog article. In it, Hugh explains the Buyer's Journey - a phrase he coined in 2003 when he wrote The Leaky Funnel 

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Saleslogix to become Infor CRM™

Posted by Dick Wooden

I'm excited and happy to announce that Swiftpage has entered into an agreement to sell the assets of Saleslogix to Info and it will be known as: Infor CRM™.   This is a welcomed transition!

Headquartered in New York, Infor is fundamentally changing the way information is published and consumed in the enterprise, helping 70,000 customers in more than 200 countries and territories improve operations, drive growth, and quickly adapt to changes in business demands. To learn more about Infor, please visit www.infor.com

Saleslogix' CRM will become Infor CRM™, establishing Infor's position as a leader in the cloud-based CRM market, and adding strong sales and service functionality to Infor CloudSuite™, the first group of industry-specific application suites available on Amazon Web Services' (AWS) cloud.

Why excited?

  • There is a much more clear fit of Saleslogix within Infor's strategy- better business fit for continued Salelogix growth.
  • Saleslogix will complement Infor's Marketing Management products and add a strong sales and service functionality to Infor's industry-focused CloudSuites. (see image below)
  • Saleslogix will integrate with Infor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Finance systems, giving Infor the opportunity to offer a comprehensive yet affordable CRM solution connecting the "front office" and "back office" for Infor customers.
  • Saleslogix design and development team will be expanded to enhance our favorite Saleslogix platform so it can help more clients improve their business success.
  • Plans for significant investments:  increased scalability, refreshed user interface with Infor's leading UX designs, and added industry-specific functionality that unifies business operations.
  • The Saleslogix team including Lorcan Malone and the leadership team will join Infor.  Great for partner and customer continuity.
  • Other integrated marketing software options from Infor product line to meet ever changing marketing challenges
  • The financial resources to make Saleslogix a much larger force in the mid and enterprise market.

Visit our Infor CRM Success page, here. 


Infor CRM:

With the inclusin of the Saleslogix capabilities, Infor CRM adds strong sales and service functionalities to Infor's industry CloudSuites.

With Infor CRM, customers will be able to manage the full customer lifecycle in one environment, accessing relevant ERP data to help win customers, manage future sales opportunities, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Infor expects to extend CRM with industry-specific attributes and processes integrated with Infor ERP applications beginning with Infor CRM Automotive, CRM Healthcare, CRM Public Sector, and CRM Manufacturing.

What to expect with Infor CRM:

Learn more about Infor CRM  or   Saleslogix Industry Focus

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Optimism means embracing reality and opportunities

Posted by Dick Wooden

Recently Harvey Mackay spoke about optimism saving the day and it mirrors my life and business philosophy.  I wanted to share these thoughts and help you to start the week off right.

By Harvey Mackay:

Optimism saves the day

U.S. President Harry S. Truman once said, “A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties." Which do you think will reach their goals, live a happy life, and achieve their dreams?

Imagine interviewing two people who have identical skills, but one is always grumbling about how unfair life can be, while the other one talks about what wonderful possibilities exist.  Who would you want to hire?  Whom do you think would do a better job?

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Topics: Entrepreneurial Mindset, Simply Smart Working, Regain Control and Perspective, Business Relationship Development, Perspective -Gain Control, Growing Your Stronger Business, Value creation selling, Core Beliefs for Success, Our Why, Perspective - Horizons of Focus

Keep You Business Edge - Evolving Your ACT! CRM to Saleslogix

Posted by Julie Cooper

When you business demands more functionality than Act! to keep your edge, Saleslogix is your next logical step.  

It's CRM from the makers of Act!

As an Act! user, your business has relied on the #1 selling contact management solution to manage all the details of your customer relationships in  one place.  But as your business grows, you may discover that your needs are beginning to punch the boundaries of Act!.  You need to evolve the way you manage leads, sales opportunities, marketing campaigns, support ticketing, and business work flows to keep pace with the growth of your business.  you're ready for upgrade your CRM to Saleslogix.

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Topics: SalesLogix and ACT! comparison, Saleslogix success, Adaptable CRM, Business Growth Enabler, Web-based productivity tools, Business success with CRM, Foundational CRM, Growing Your Stronger Business, Trusted Advisor, Next Level Success, CRM for Effectiveness, ACT! Success, ACT! 2014

Affordable pricing and usability allow Saleslogix to rise above competitors - Info-Tech.

Posted by Dick Wooden

"Adopt a dedicated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite for integrated automation of sales, marketing, and service processes. Remember that social is today's true market differentiator: ensure social media integration is sufficient or risk failure"  - Info-Tech research group.

Recently Info-Tech evaluated eight competitors in the large enterprise CRM market. Saleslogix wins "Value Award" and belongs also to the "Champions Award" group Saleslogix's affordable pricing and usability allow the product to rise above competitors in this "Champions" space. More importantly Saleslogix won the "Value Award" because it provides a balance of price and feature complexity, remaining strong on features across the board.

This research is designed for:

  • Enterprises seeking to select a solution for CRM integrated across sales, marketing and customer service.
  • Executive-level stakeholders in the following roles:
    • Vice-President of Sales, Marketing or Customer Service
    • IT Managers and Directors involved in selecting a CRM Solution


This research will help you:

  • Understand what's new in the CRM Market.
  • Evaluated CRM vendors and products for your entereprise needs.
  • Determine which products are most appropriated for particular use cases and scenarios.

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Topics: Social CRM, Mobile CRM, Saleslogix success, Appreciating Asset, Adaptable CRM, Insight Knowledge, Engagement improvement, Sales Productivity Improvements, Business Drivers for CRM, CRM for Effectiveness, CRM Strategy, Manufacturing use of CRM, Sales Enablement with CRM

Street-smart ideas from Harvey Mackay

Posted by Dick Wooden

A couple years ago, Harvey Mackay wrote two columns on street smarts which really resonated with readers including myself.  

Drawing on what he has learned over many decades in business, he just barely scratched the surface.  These are little nuggets that you probably won’t learn from a book in school, but they are important for success. Look through the list and focus on at least a few of these at a time to turn ideas into positive action.

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Topics: Personal Improvement, Simply Smart Working, Building Stronger Relationships, Business Growth Enabler, Better Decision Making, Business Relationship Development, Foundational CRM, Acquire-Retain-Develop, Trusted Advisor, Smart Ideas and Tips, Success with Relationships, Selling Smarter, Sales Conversation Improvement

Don't miss out on a better view of your contacts in Act!

Posted by Dick Wooden

Get a better view of your contacts and easily capture web leads!

Acquiring new prospects that fit your ideal profile, staying 'top of mind'  with your contacts and obtaining a 360 degree view of customers are core capabilities of a customer relationship management system such as Act! or Saleslogix.

Now Contact Timeline and Lead Capture new capabilities are available in the latest Act! Feature Packs for Business Care subscribers only.


New Contact Timeline Feature:

  • Easily see all the interactions with a particular contact - meetings, calls, opportunities, and more - at a glance!
  • Filter to view particular interaction types, such as opportunities and histories.
  • Edit interactions, right from the timeline
  • Easily view who is communicating with prospective and current contacts 

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Topics: Customer Experience Improvement, Lead Generation, Staying Top of Mind, Business Growth Enabler, eMarketing Effectiveness, Ideal client, ACT! Friday Fun Tips, Engagement improvement, Know your customer, CRM Strategy, Timelines Account/Contact, ACT! Tips and Tricks, Follow-up Failure Solutions, ACT! 2014

CRM Basics: CRM is a business strategy centered around the customer and Why not

Posted by Dick Wooden

Successful businesses understand CRM is a Business Strategy

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about the finding, acquiring, and retaining the best, most profitable customers.  CRM systems offer an easy to use and automated means of managing the loads of valuable information about your company accounts and the various dealings with the people.  With successful CRM in good working order you can use this knowledge database to make faster, smarter decisions. You can work more productively by focusing on the best customers and new prospects, making sure you are top of mind when your company's offering is needed.

Successful CRM appreciates in value

CRM as a strategy places the customer at the center of a business.  When properly implemented, the goal is to give progressively deeper information about customers - information that supports the business areas of marketing, product planning, sales, service and support. The goal of this customer-centricity is to promote customer loyalty, increasing the lifetime value of each relationship.  As the value of customer relationships increase so will the value of the business.  CRM in place is an asset that appreciates the value of your business.

CRM has matured in the small business and corporate settings, achieving recognition as a "must-have" improvement technology. Now solutions like Swiftpage Act! contact management or Saleslogix award-winning CRM make it possible for small and medium-sized companies to automate their own practice of CRM.  With the every changing business environment you'll need an adaptable CRM system that works the way you do business now and into the future.  Modern CRM provides that all- important  24x7 x365 mobile web access by mobile smart phones, tablets and laptops.

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Topics: CRM Guide to Success, Saleslogix success, Appreciating Asset, Make your business work smarter, Better Decision Making, Business Relationship Development, CRM System Importance, Acquire-Retain-Develop, CRM for Effectiveness, ACT! Success, Unity of knowlege and action

Your CRM - Use it anywhere, anytime to engage with important contacts

Posted by Dick Wooden

Is your Organization part of the mainstream or is it lagging behind?

74% of sales organizations have already enabled mobile CRM access.1  Mobile devices are so popular that by 2016 2/3rds of all Internet traffic will be viewed on mobile devices.

It's a mobile world. Selling organizations need to deploy CRM on mobile devices or risk falling behind competitors in terms of sales productivity and effectiveness. 

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Encourage Engagement: Saleslogix Help, Icons and Tool tips cheat sheet

Posted by Dick Wooden

New users to Saleslogix CRM can become "Icon blind" to these simple but helpful little images found in the Web client.  But once you have used them to navigate the CRM desktop they become second-hand.  I find that associating the icon image to the physical action helpful: Lookup, Move forward, Move backward. Add. Save.

Of course there is the ever present big question mark  to lead you to helpful information.


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Topics: Reimagine the way you work, Productivity Tips, CRM user adoption, Saleslogix success, Make your business work smarter, Web-based productivity tools, Smart Ideas and Tips, Adaptability Tips, Getting Things Done, Saleslogix Tips

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