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Why Sons of Anarchy Won't Use CRM - But Should!

Posted by Dick Wooden

The FX TV series, Son's of Anarchy is an adrenalized drama with darkly comedic undertones that explores a notorious outlaw motorcycle club's (MC) desire to protect its livelihood. It is a popular TV series that recently ended after 7 successful and suspenseful years.  

It is the story revolving around the creation and operation of the Sons of Anarchy club with look backs to the founder John Teller who had a better vision for the club and eventually saw the death of the club coming before his untimely demise. The series tells the story from the perspective of Jax Teller (son of the deceased John Teller) who is going through his own life discovery process. It can be compared to the stories of the interactions of the Mafia crime families as told in the Godfather movies.

It involves both personal and business relationships that seem to change on a daily basis.  Who is friends or foes, who did what to whom, what are the agreements among the clubs, police, town leaders and so forth. It involves knowing what the secrets to keep are and which are to be shared.  But my premise is that because of the secrets and lack of knowledge sharing the club directly moves into the wrong direction and continues to make the same mistakes.  So here is my take on why the Sons of Anarchy would not use CRM but could have adopted the Core belief values and principle strategy of CRM for a much more rewarding life.

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12 Questions to Evaluate Understanding Your Customer

Posted by Dick Wooden

Do you understand your customer?

Many organizations speak about understanding customers and their needs, but few truly understand what customers value most.  While it is nearing a year end and reflecting back on the past years customer experiences, I recommend you consider the following aspects of understanding your customer.

Take the following test and see how your organization rates.


  • Are your customers’ needs clearly defined, and are they regularly updated?
    • Yes, on a regular basis.  It's then communicated back to all staff for discussion and action planning.
    • Yes, periodically.
    • No, but we talk about it on an informal basis.
    • No, not at all.
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Getting the the good stuff - effective sales conversations

Posted by Dick Wooden

Bob Apollo from Inflexion Point recently published the following blog article  "Never mind the marketing message, what about the sales conversation" that I thought should be shared with our readers.

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Topics: Lead Generation, Results Gained with CRM, Building Stronger Relationships, Make your business work smarter, Better Decision Making, Growing Your Stronger Business, Sales process, Value creation selling, Buying process, Lead Conversion

Power to Resolve - Getting Success with CRM for Your Business

Posted by Dick Wooden

It takes resolve to get the desired success from CRM or any other change initiative

"The challenges companies experience undertaking CRM, are not solved just by deciding to work together.  It requires resolve.  It requires the type of determination that allows you to have an open and honest dialog about what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong." states JC Quintana in his short but powerful book, "CRM to the People".

This resolution process requires groups of people in the company to resolve their differences and answer questions that impact each of them:

  • The people making company-wide decisions. They have to ensure that the company is engaging in the right practices - practices that are aligned with the needs of the people who implement them.
  • The people enforcing and implementing those decisions and practices.  They are responsible for the successful implementation of those practices.
  • The people actually using the new business system on a daily basis. They need to be fully engaged in capturing the information, making the customer relationships work and doing the leg work to generate revenue.


"It is easy to dodge your responsibilities, but you cannot dodge the consequences of dodging your  responsibilities." - Sir Josiap Stamp


If you are the manager leading a sales force or the CRM executive champion looking to increase user  engagement then a useful resource HR professionals recommend is: "Why employees Don't Do What They're Supposed To Do and What To About It", by Ferdinand F. Fournies.

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Topics: CRM user adoption, Knowledge transfer, Knowledge Capture, Employee engagement, Appreciating Asset, Business Relationship Development, Insight Knowledge, Strategic Business development, Communications Improvement, CRM for Effectiveness, People first CRM, Sales Enablement with CRM

CRM: Greatest Strengths- are a Business Imperative.

Posted by Dick Wooden

It is about People Relationships:

CRM is about people and their relationships.  It about smartly managing the moments of significance and the human connections.  Today's successful CRM is a strategy and technology that is not just transactions anymore but much more of a strategy based on people.  It is not just a strategy to address the needs of the customer, but also the needs of all the people who serve them.  CRM is a strategy that aims to identify and group the entire body of people collaborating to serve the customer (employees, vendors, partners, competitors, etc.)

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Empowering the Individual with mobile friendly Infor CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

Times Have Dramatically Changed

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems have long been seen as beneficial to any sales organization.  However, CRM benefits typically favored management while the front-line, customer facing user of CRM, the sales representative, saw CRM as a necessary evil.  Traditional CRM systems have been seen as inflexible, time-consuming productivity drains.

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Topics: CRM user adoption, CRM Guide to Success, Mobile CRM, Flexible CRM, Better Decision Making, Sales Productivity Improvements, Sales Improvement Areas, Sales Mgmt Improvement, Saleslogix mobile, Sales Enablement with CRM, Well Used CRM

Increase Engagement success- email marketing integration with CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

Knowledge Sharing and Relationship Development

As a business grows, new challenges and opportunities arise.  Smart business leaders use these as areas of business improvements.

One of the most problematic is a lack of information sharing. Important data gets trapped in silos (stand-alone applications or spreadsheets) and does not flow easily between people, departments or between systems.  

The sharing of knowledge of prospects and customers with business automation will help to make your business work smarter.  Additionally you can continually use this intelligent information from CRM in the care and nurturing of people relationships.  

All the hard work that goes into knowledge captured can be shared and transferred more effectively.



We'd like to share knowledge from our friends at Fisher Technology and what you can get accomplished with the use of TaskCentre Integration Technology. 

3 important benefits of integrating email marketing with CRM software.

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Topics: Extend Reach and Influence, Building Stronger Relationships, Make your business work smarter, eMarketing Effectiveness, CRM benefits, Engagement improvement, Growing Your Stronger Business, Acquire-Retain-Develop, TaskCentre, Follow-up Failure Solutions

Smarter, action oriented CRM data - the stuff that really counts

Posted by Dick Wooden

Getting More Insights and Positive Experiences from CRM

So you have got a CRM system up and running, but not really getting the most out of it. The sales team is reluctantly having to keep it up to date while customer service is clamoring for better information to help them resolve customer issues.  Likewise marketing is looking for feedback on what campaigns and product literature is working or not.


You may have not reached the desired expectations of having the CRM data:

  • To Make your business work smarter on what is important
  • To Provide new insights about your customers and the interactions with your staff
  • To Show new ways to accelerate your business processes such as the time from lead to cash.

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Topics: Reimagine the way you work, Employee engagement, Results Gained with CRM, Simply Smart Working, Building Stronger Relationships, Make your business work smarter, Better Decision Making, Insight Knowledge, Business Drivers for CRM, Know your customer, Smart Ideas and Tips, Success with Relationships, People first CRM

Accountability leads to greater personal and business success

Posted by Dick Wooden

Entrepreneurs are known to be self-accountable and for a business to grow profitability, accountability must be clearly understood and built into the fabric of the organization's culture.  The following article is by Harvey Mackay. Harvey is one of our favorite authors of insight and this weeks article is here to share with you.



Be accountable if you want to count 

The recent political silly season is over – finally – and once again, I was listening for one particular word in the endless ads that peppered the airwaves:  accountability.  

It seems like the only time you hear that word is in the context of blaming one’s opponent for lack of it.  I suspect that the reason so many of us grow so weary during political campaign season is that the finger-pointing is more prevalent than accepting responsibility for one’s actions.  And the gridlock that ensues is always the other person’s fault.  Can someone please make it all stop?  

Businesses, on the other hand, can’t afford to shirk responsibility or accountability.  Customers expect nothing less.  Accountability must be a core value, never compromised, never up for discussion.  

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Topics: Customer Experience Improvement, Entrepreneurial Mindset, CRM Guide to Success, Make your business work smarter, Better Decision Making, Predictable success, Power of Understanding, Core Beliefs for Success, Well Used CRM, Accountability

Nucleus Research recognizes Infor CRM (Saleslogix) as a leader

Posted by Dick Wooden

We are excited to announce with Infor, that the independent research firm, Nucleus Research, has - for the first time - positioned Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix) in the leader quadrant of their CRM Value Matrix. Infor CRM was acknowledged for the significant investments they have made in the user interface and design.


Download the Report>Nucleus_CRM_Value_matrix_2H2014

Bottom Line:

Customer relationship management (CRM) continues to be one of the most competitive software segments, and also one where customers have the greatest propensity to switch. The Value Matrix looks at the advances in usability and functionality by vendors in the three core pillars of CRM: sales, marketing, and customer service. Significant investments in usability and incremental growth in functionality have driven positioning changes since the last Matrix

Ongoing organic investments in usability and functionality, particularly in the areas of embedded analytics, marketing and social collaboration, as well as acquisition activity, have driven position shifts in this edition of the Matrix.  Vendors losing position have advanced their ability to deliver value at a relatively slower pace than their peers.  Vendors indicated with a red dot have one or more factors that Nucleus believes may limit their commitment to the market or long-term viability.

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Topics: CRM Paradigm, CRM Executive Decision, Adaptable CRM, Business success with CRM, Integrated Business, Accounting integration, Business Transformation, CRM Strategy, Long-term success factors, Sales Enablement with CRM, Infor CRM, Infor CloudSuite

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