Great Questions come from Good Leaders- What's yours?

Posted by Dick Wooden

The following is a helpful article from Harvey Mackay who refers to the famous leadership thought leader, John Maxwell on the importance of good leaders asking the important great questions.  Please consider these as you think, plan and then act on your business, your employees and your offerings for your customers....

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Tips from the Top - Sharing the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Posted by Dick Wooden

As a strategic business coach for TAB, The Alternative Board, and as a TAB member I obtain a monthly newsletter called Tips from the Top.  Each month there are great takeaways and I'd like to shard some recent insights and tips for those of you with an entrepreneurial mindset.  These are from entrepreneurs like yourself....

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10 Guidelines to Develop Your Referable Behavior

Posted by Dick Wooden

It has been said that behavior drives actions and actions drive results. 

With competition getting tougher every year it is important to reflect on the basics.  I remember Referable-Behavior-Instructions that the great basketball coach, John Wooden, would educate his players by starting off with the basics.  They first had to learn how to put on their socks and shoes so they did not get blisters...

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How to succeed with CRM - critical success factor of people

Posted by Dick Wooden

42% in survey state that their problems with CRM were the result of “people” issues

As a reader of this Business Success with CRM blog, you know we have stated many times the importance of people component to the success of a CRM initiative.  CRM is much more than just technology your IT department will implement. Let's face it, organizations whether for-profit or non-profit oriented, are in the "People business". 

Most companies that apply CRM successfully understand that an effective mix of people (60%), process (30%) and technology (10%) are the key drivers behind a successful CRM implementation.

Typical people issues found in a CRM initiative are slow user adoption, full executive leadership, inadequate attention to change management and training, and difficulties in aligning the organizational culture with new ways of working. 

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Bring change to your work life and helpful resources

Posted by Dick Wooden

Considering that people and things need to change to survive and better yet thrive, its also important that implementing a successful CRM system requires the managing of change.  The changes will affect people, processes and technology so gaining a better understanding of managing change is always helpful.

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Search history: "Googlize" within SalesLogix CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

More Effective Searching -what worked when

More effective searching is what we all do when we are trying to get work accomplished or someone asks you to find something for them.  Boy, have things changed over the last 20 years.

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17 Ultimate Mad Men Business Success Tips

Posted by Dick Wooden

Knowing how to be more successful in your business life may not come with an Emmy Award winning script to follow, like for the characters in the television show Mad Men. However, it is important to keep some key tips in mind to gain better, and hopefully less dramatic, business success. Business Success with Mad Men

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Factors Affect CRM Pricing – Questions we’ll be asking you

Posted by Dick Wooden

Preparing for a successful implementation of CRM system that brings change requires that many thoughtful questions be considered.  Use the following to help yourself as the "CRM Champion", to help the executive sponsor and to help your CRM project team get the most from CRM.  Planning with these questions as a starting point will achieve your desired objectives.
  • Stakeholders - Do you have those involved in the use of and management of the information identified along with each of their outcome objectives and expectations?  How will the future be different?
  • Do you have a project manager and champion of this change initiative?
  • What will be the number of expected users, their departments and primary job responsibilities as it relate to CRM?
  • What is the expected “Go-Live” deadline?
  • What are the expected time requirements that your project implementation team is planning to devote to this CRM initiative?
  • What operational processes do you foresee being affected by this upcoming change initiative with CRM?
  • How will your people be held accountable to learn new capabilities of business management software?  Review the CRM user adoption principles.
  • What are your sources of data to be used to start up this CRM system?  What is the quality (number of records) of company accounts, contacts, addresses and sales opportunities?  What is the data quality and expected level of de-duplication that will be needed?
  • What is your current technology foundation:  Number of servers in networks, operating system and versions of servers, desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets?
  • What are the technical skills of all the users?
    • Heavily involved in using business applications
    • We have no dedicated IT, but have several power users.
    • All know web browsers usage and Microsoft Office productivity tools.
    • Minimum – know how to use browser to use Internet only
    • What other business applications are in use?  What version of Microsoft Office?
  • Are you having web leads come from a web site that needs to be imported regularly or automatically?
  • Do you have lead lists, trade show lists, etc. that need to be imported several times each year?
  • Will you have some internal power users defined as 1st line of CRM system support?


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Big or Small, CRM Grows with Your Business - Part 3

Posted by Dick Wooden

Ed the Entrepreneur continues The Wooden Toy Story, Part 3

In Parts 1 and 2 of the Wooden Toy Story, we saw how Ed the Entrepreneur turned his dream of crafting quality wooden farm toys into a $15 million business, with the help of Sage ACT! contact and customer management system.

At this point in their growth and because of their business success, they found a strong need to improve their service and customer support system in order to gain the capacity to track quality defects and compliance issues.

So Ed’s son and now sales manager Dave asked Julie, the consultant who had helped them with Sage ACT!, what next steps she would recommend. She brought in her business partner Jay, who had more than a decade of designing and implementing CRM systems for small and medium sized businesses. After visiting with Dave, Jay recommended that he take a look at SalesLogix.


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Big or Small, CRM Grows with Your Business - Part 1

Posted by Dick Wooden

Ed the Entrepreneur and the lifecycle of  business success with CRM.

Small to mid-sized businesses often benefit dramatically when they initiate or deepen a CRM philosophy.  It accelerates success. Witness the story of Ed the Entrepreneur. Let’s start at the beginning. . .

Once upon a time a young man named Ed had a great idea for a product. No one was making quality, hand-crafted tractors and farm equipment. He knew country kids would love them. So would urbanized grown-up who longed to reconnect to a wonderful country heritage that represented family closeness and a simpler life. His wooden toy tractor prototypes were nearly indestructible. They would withstand anything young children could dish out. Ed grabbed this business opportunity and launched Wooden Toys.

At first, it was just Ed the Entrepreneur, his wife Carolina, and teenaged son Dave who built the Wooden model farm tractors. They started attending all the local events – the county fair, farmers’ markets, summer community festivals – and showing off their polished, working model tractors. This and word-of-mouth marketing was all they needed to connect to more and more of their neighbors.

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