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7 Helpful Ways Mobile CRM Makes a Difference in Your Business

Posted by Dick Wooden

Customer Information at Your FingerTips

I bet that you already have a smart phone and probably also a tablet like Apple's iPad or Samsung Galaxy 10.1 (our recommendation).  Most likely you cannot see functioning without having these mobile communication tools readily available.  Mobile CRM is designed to put detailed prospect and customer information at your fingertips and to enable you to perform key actions quickly wherever you are.


Today 89% of employees use a mobile device for work, while 67% of companies say they would lose competitive ground without these devices. [Source: Citrix (2012)]

Today 82% of organizations have a mobile work style strategy in place. [Source: CIO Mobility Survey 02013)]

Today 68% of firms identified implementing a mobile device management solution as a critical or high priority. [Source: Gartner (2012)]


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2 Solutions to Prevent Business Disaster from Poor ACT! Setup

Posted by Julie Cooper

Protecting Your ACT! Data with Actionable Next Steps:

You've taken the precaution of backing up your PC's information to the "Cloud" right? But are you really able to restore all of your essential data if your system crashes?

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Topics: Data protection, Red flag issues, ACT! Tips and Tricks, Critical Mistakes, ACT! Success, CRM Tips, Act Tips

ACT v16! Compatibility with Microsoft newest releases and increased effeciency features!

Posted by Julie Cooper

Updated Compatibility

Act! v16 (2014) is supported with: Microsoft Office 2013 (32-bit version) and Google Chrome browsers (using Act! Premium for Web).

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Humanizing your approach - Are you People-Centered?

Posted by Dick Wooden

"People-centered is not the same thing as being a people person."

states Dr. Frank I. Lutz, author of "Win - the Key Principles to Take Your Business from Ordinary to Extraordinary." This article is inspired by his book. When Frank talks about being people-centered, he does not necessarily refer to the kind of people we like to hang out with in our leisure time. He does not mean people who know how to "connect" with us and who "get" us. Yes that is part of it but Frank states there is so much more to it.

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The Necessity of CRM Systems for Manufacturing Businesses

Posted by Dick Wooden

Having a detailed overview of customer needs and requirements

The main idea of CRM solutions for manufacturing companies is the fact that they allow companies to have a detailed overview of their customers' needs and requirements. At the same time CRM enables them to improve their relationships with customers which certainly turns out to be a benefit for both parties.  With CRM it will be easier for the organization to understand their customers and make smarter decisions, more quickly.

The manufacturing industry needs to concentrate on customer relationships. That may be the dealer network in many cases. On one hand CRM helps to increase the level of productivity. On the other hands it is the best way to improve different business processes. That is why CRM in the manufacturing industry is one of the most important tools nowadays. Every strategy is mainly aimed on increasing profits as well as giving sales a boost. Prospective customers (dealers) are farther down their buying process with access to Internet resources so the sales team has to be geared up and prepared. Additionally today's customers also call for more attention and higher quality services. These facts should all be taken into consideration.


Non-CRM designed systems don't cut it in today's world

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Getting it done Now with Saleslogix Mobile

Posted by Dick Wooden

How to be productive NOW - building relationships while getting work done.

So you have a few minutes to take a peek at your smart phone. Maybe you are waiting for an appointment, maybe between phone calls or maybe at the STOP light...  Yes we all have done it.

Wouldn't it be Cool if I can glance at my smart phone and refresh my memory of important details?

How about as I talk, the words become text when I'm entering follow up notes from a recent meeting?

This is Now possible with Saleslogix mobile.

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Topics: Reimagine the way you work, Mobile CRM, Flexible CRM, Make your business work smarter, Web-based productivity tools, Opportunity management, ACT! Connect, Managing committments, Saleslogix mobile, saleslogix tips, sales logix mobile 3

The Essential Tool for Accelerated Business Success: Saleslogix CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

CRM is here to stay - Real benefits for accelerated business success

Whether your sales team is using the most basic CRM tool or the very latest release with every bell and whistle, customer relationship management - CRM - is now a mainstay of professional sales forces. 

Love it, leave it, use it, lose it curse it, or embrace it, CRM is here to stay. It is simply too useful for sales reps, sales managers, marketers, and top management to do without.

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Topics: Results Gained with CRM, Saleslogix success, Make your business work smarter, Web-based productivity tools, Growing Your Stronger Business, ACT! Success, Saleslogix mobile, Speech to Text

Powering Up Your Sales Team with Tablets

Posted by Dick Wooden

Tablets are taking over the world- Engagement increases.

We see them used by all different ages of people, among multiple industries and across departments. Tablets are helping to reinvent the sales profession by making it possible for sales reps to be productive about anywhere anytime. Instead of the smaller smart phones, we are seeing our clients embrace the use of tablets and related mobile technologies to provide their sales teams with valuable tools.  Tablets are replacing laptop computers and provide a helpful option to the smaller smart phones. Sales people are more engaged with capturing and sharing information as they work through daily, relationship building tasks.  With short taps and finger gestures, sales reps are using these devices to breeze through the humdrum tasks that need doing before and after the sales call - all making them more productive.


Better and Richer Information from Increased Engagement Occurs

Sales management who equips their sales reps with tablets will find, the reps access the CRM system more frequently than before. Tasks like researching the customer, scheduling sales appointments, and recording information are easier and more mobile than ever before. 

With today's technology you can do some Cool things and make your sales work more rewarding.


  • Speech to Text: Popping open a memo field and instead of typing, just talk about your recent meeting. Have the mobile device's web browser convert your speech into text.

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Topics: Technology Understanding, CRM adoption, Mobile CRM, Make your business work smarter, Web-based productivity tools, Business Relationship Development, Engagement improvement, sales productivity, Sales conversations, ACT! Premium Mobile, Saleslogix mobile, saleslogix tips, Speech to Text

Question day: How might You have a better business with CRM?

Posted by Dick Wooden

Today March 14th is "Question Day".  It marks the 135 anniversary of the birth  of Albert Einstein, a life-long champion of questioning and curiosity. He stated the importance of asking a good question lead to better answers.

“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask… for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.”- Albert Einstein

People successful in business know that questioning is a critical starting pointing of problem solving and innovation.  So with that in mind, my question for today is:


How Might You Have a Better and More Engaging Business- with CRM?

It is important to understand that CRM is an enabler of the overall business strategy.  CRM is there to help you get better and better at understanding People: your customers, prospects, you employees, your management team, vendors, your referral sources and your strategic partners.  Also CRM is used to improve your Processes - the way you do things.  Basically, to work smarter doing things more effectively and efficiently.

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20 'Past-Due' Warning Signs Your Business Needs a CRM System

Posted by Dick Wooden

 In "20 Warning Signs Your Business Needs a CRM System - Part 1", we discussed "Leading Indicators" - signs that you're outgrowing your current processing system and should start considering a CRM.

The "Lagging Indicators" signs show that you've already outgrown your processes and are probably losing money because you're not keeping up with your current clients and prospects. Opportunities are not getting captured and decisions are slow and not fully informed.

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Topics: Results Gained with CRM, Saleslogix success, Business Growth Enabler, Marketing Effectiveness, Business success with CRM, CRM benefits, CRM System Importance, sales productivity, Acquire-Retain-Develop, CRM understanding, CRM Strategy, CRM Analytics

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