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How to succeed with the Millennial Generation - 3 keys

Posted by Dick Wooden

In 2015, the number of Millennial employees (those born between 1982 and 2004) will exceed that of Baby Boomers and by 2030, Millenials will represent 75% of the workforce, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.1

As the most technologically adept generation in history, the impact Millennials will have on the business world is expected to be significant:
  • As employees, Millennials value collaboration, rapid advancement, and innovation.
  • As customers, Millennials value choice, flexibility, and the ability to do business using the technology they prefer.  Many Millennials research products online, share reviews on social media, order online, and interact with customer service through online chat and social media.
  • As suppliers, Millennials prefer partners who can share data streams easily with their own technology, so they can analyze trends and monitor real-time activity. 
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Best Practices to optimize Sales Process and using Infor CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

Sales & CRM Performance - Analysis by CSO Insights to apply with Infor CRM

Work from the Same successful Sales Playbook.....

Create a process that would get everyone in the company wide sales organization using the same process, aligned to the buyers' processes. 

  • Use just-in-time sales training applications to enforce and reinforce skills and competencies.  Consistent effort is key. 

  • Messaging should come from why your company exits rather than what your company does.  Delivering a consistent and powerful message is key (Don’t send out mixed messages).

  • Engage in Market Place Training.  When all else fails, ask the customer. Commit to actually training your sales force in specific and ongoing ways.  Institute customer advisory boards and learn from listening to your customers. 

  • Use mobile devices during the sales call to help justify the purchase.  Leverage technology during the sales call.

  • Ask about their changing market place demands. Trends they are dealing with and problems they are encountering.

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3 Business Growth Challenges Solved with ACT Hosted Subscription

Posted by Julie Cooper

Helping small businesses centralized multiple disconnected databases into one.

Business Growth Challenge #1: Your company has 6 ACT Pro users all with their own database.  There is no companywide shared information about prospects, customers and related conversations.

Each of the ACT Pro users are using a different version of ACT for Windows (ACT 2012, 2013 and 2014) on their local PC's. This company doesn't want to have a large capital purchase of software and IT to support the businesse's new growth needs.

To eliminate the headaches and inefficiencies from the multiple disconnected sources of information, a shared centralized database with 24x7x365 access via Internet Browser or Mobile device, effectively organizes and utilized the information needed for long-term company growth.

When moving to the ACT Hosted Premium subscription, the company could better budget overhead with a subscription-based model. As internet bandwidth increases and networks become more robust, stable and secure, more small businesses are choosing to adopt 'cloud based' CRM solutions.

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Topics: Mobile CRM, eMarketing Effectiveness, Better Decision Making, Central database, ACT! Cloud, ACT 2015, act mobile, ACT Emarketing, act v17, ACT Hosted Subscription

Make Lead Capture Easy and Quick

Posted by Julie Cooper

Gain Valuable Market and Product Insights with CRM Emarketing Integration

Now you can swap those static web site lead capture form for interactive capturing of data directly into your CRM system. Capturing more leads and gaining valuable information qickly are benefits of the eMarketing integration with a contact management or CRM system. eMarketing is 

effective in a lead generation strategy when valuable content is provided. For example, your web site would have a call to action that allows the reader to download a white paper that relates to the benefits of your offering.

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Infor CRM 8.2 - What has Changed?

Posted by Dick Wooden

Continued Improvement with more power to users

Since the Spring 2014 purchase of Saleslogix 8.1 by Infor, there have been 6 updates and now version 8.2 is soon to be released which focuses around the improvement of a Purpose Built CRM Application.  "Beauty at work" is not just a saying, but is coming to life with the continual improvements of Infor CRM.  

Additionally there are improvements that lower the Total Cost of Ownership and increase the value of the out-of-box Infor CRM solution. More easily create a CRM environment that you can control and configure without having to pay a ton of money on customizations.

Summary of what has changed in Infor CRM 8.2:

  • Enriched User Interface and behaviors with adjusted text boxes, grids, navigation menu and personalization options.
  • New import tools for contacts and accounts using CSV, Outlook, and other delimited file formats with configurable field mapping.
  • New filters and new metrics via Web Admin roles.
  • Developments with Group Manager allowing you to share groups and group ownership, delete groups, and reassign groups.


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Topics: CRM Guide to Success, Business Drivers for CRM, Infor CRM, Infor CRM Updates, Purpose Build CRM, Infor CRM Specialist

Hidden Costs by Sending Mass Emails from Outlook

Posted by Julie Cooper

Outlook is NOT Effective Marketing

Sending out your company's newsletter, product announcement or event information to 20+ people through your Outlook system can have BIG consequences.

Sending ‘bulk email’ or ‘mass email’ [SPAM] can ruin your organization’s ability to communicate via email. Overall, it could lead to closure of your email account and even your website to be shut down.

This is why companies use third-party email providers even if they have an Exchange Server.

Avoid the Ironfisted 'Blacklist'

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Get the Whole Picture with Infor CRM and ERP Integration

Posted by Dick Wooden

In the fable of the blind men and the elephant, several blind men examined different parts of an elephant and came to different conclusions as to what the elephant looked like.  This is applicable to all sorts of situations including your customer base. If you ask a salesperson who your best customer is, would you get the same answer from your support team? What about your operations staff? If you don’t have the whole picture of your customer, you’re less likely to help them make the best decisions which could reflect negatively on your customer relations.

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Topics: Customer Experience Improvement, Make your business work smarter, Business Drivers for CRM, Infor CRM, Well Used CRM, Infor CRM Updates, Purpose Build CRM, CRM and ERP Integration

Announcing Infor CRM 8.2 Live Webinar

Posted by Dick Wooden

Controlling Your Own Destiny

Join the Infor CRM webinar Wednesday, June 3 at 11 am Eastern.


Infor CRM 8.2 is about to be released and we're excited to show you the new features which provide you more control and greater flexibility with your CRM experience.


Join the 30-minute webinar to be among the first to witness the enhanced filter and group management tools, innovative self-service features, new language selector, and import options with configurable field mapping.

During the live webinar the Infor CRM Product team will talk through a live demo of Infor CRM 8.2, sharing specific details about the value of the latest updates including:

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Let's Get Real - Migrating from Saleslogix 7.5 Windows to Infor CRM 8.2 Web

Posted by Dick Wooden

Start with an expectation that Changes will occur

Working as a business partner for Sage Saleslogix then Swiftpage Saleslogix and then Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix) there is knowledge to be shared if you are currently using a Windows SalesLogix 7.5.x system and are planning to migrate to the latest Web version of Infor CRM.  

So come prepared to be briefly frightened or overwhelmed (unless you love change and technology).  A lot has happened not only with extending the product capabilities from 5+ years ago but also from moving from using a Windows desktop application experience to now using a current web browser to access a 24 x 7 x 365 days system over an Internet connection.  Mobility has been with hot trend and will continue to do so. It's about having the right data available at the right time using your mobile smart phone, a tablet or a desktop computer.

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Let's Get Real - Why Choose Infor CRM over Salesforce.com

Posted by Dick Wooden

Just-what-I-wanted-CRMConsider these Key questions when selecting between Infor CRM and Salesforce.com:

  • What is your CRM budget over the next 5 years?
Once you add in the additional costs over a real time frame in business Infor CRM is significantly lower TCO (total cost of ownership) solution for a high value software product.  This is especially true when you factor in installation costs and adoption rates.
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