How Customer Service Reps Use CRM to Provide Better Service

Posted by Dick Wooden

Value in the Company's Customer Service Team

Generally when the topic of CRM software comes up, people immediately think about how salespeople use the system, but rarely how Customer Service Representatives (CSR) use CRM strategy to provide better service to customers. As critical as the sales force is to success with the system, there are a number of company-wide parties that serve key roles in creating the overall customer experience. But maybe none more integral than a company’s customer service team—those who interact with customers on a daily basis. 

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Infor CRM Strategies: To Help Your Customer Service Team to Manage Customer Complaints

Posted by Dick Wooden

This is part 1 of a 3 part series where we will talk about Infor CRM strategies that empower your Customer Service Team to both manage and improve core elements of your customer relationship.

In this post we will discuss strategies to manage customer complaints by empowering customer service representatives with the right technology tools, along with standard processes.  

Managing Customer Complaints 

This Payroll Services Company offers educational training classes to their clients on how to use their payroll software, and uses Infor CRM to track and identify if their client associates have been trained and for managing customer complaints.  

When customers contact the company with user questions about their software, the CSR is able to verify if the customer has been trained on the software or not and if there is a need to redirect them to the proper educational classes. If the CSR determines that the customer does not need training, the CSR documents the specific question or problem they’re having with the software and provides the proper resolution. 

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Why So Many Businesses Are Orphaned from CRM Vendor

Posted by Dick Wooden

As we discussed in "5 Ways to Avoid the Pains of Being Orphaned..." post, there are several ways to avoid being orphaned by your CRM provider. But it’s important to know why this even happens in the first place on the side of the software vendor or implementing partner.

Four key reasons

From our years of experience, we have found four common reasons why vendors have dropped the ball and been unable to support their client-partners resulting in them being orphaned. 

  • Disconnect between sales and implementation.

    There is little or no transfer of information gathered by the sales person during the selling process. As a result, there isn’t any information to be passed that was passed on to the implementation team. This is often a result of a vendor lacking defined procedures and workflow, which is a recipe for poor communication between these departments. When a sales person is focused on closing a sale and moving on to the next prospect, they can forget about what implementation needs to get the client started off properly.

    And on the other end, implementation is tasked with getting the information they need, and in some case just move forward with limited information. At the end, it’s the client that suffers the most when their CRM system implementation is mishandled, their support is unavailable, and solutions are not readily available.

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Increase sales productivity with Contour Geocode mapping

Posted by Dick Wooden

Maps and Driving Directions

Let's say you are a field sales professional that is out of the office visiting a prospect.  You find that you have some time on your hands while visiting the Chicagoland area.  It would be very helpful to use your mobile phone or tablet to check options from your Infor CRM system

The following is an image from Infor Mobile client and it is using a current location with option to show a type of account like Customer with a listing of those near by.  Once an account type is chosen the list of accounts nearest you are shown.  In this case from 1.5 miles out to about 15 miles away.

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5 Ways to Avoid the Pains of Being Orphaned by Your CRM Vendor

Posted by Dick Wooden

First of all, what does it mean to be orphaned by your CRM vendor? 

In short, it means that your CRM vendor sold you on a CRM product and for one reason or another (which we talk about here) forgot about you.  Are you feeling left behind?

Of course, it’s no secret that choosing the right CRM vendor can be a difficult decision to make, especially if it is not approached with a clear strategy. There are so many things to consider. There is determining your own business needs, but there is also the task of figuring out what you should look for in a vendor to determine if they are able to meet those needs. This is the first step to avoid finding yourself orphaned by your vendor, like so many other businesses. 

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Equally Different - Infor CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

"Equally Different" is a term that is helpful to describe the capabilities and benefits of a business solution to attract, keep and develop profitable customers. A long-term business system that is created with Infor CRM and its business partners for a business like yours.

F. Scott Fitzgerald is quoted as saying, "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function."  Imagine how beneficial that is for a person. Such a person can get a quicker, more complete picture of the situation. This capability allows the person to consider the advantages and disadvantages of one idea and then quickly move in their mind to the other, without bias holding back progress.  This human capability of holding opposing thoughts also allows the expansion of possibilities from divergent thinking followed by a clearer ability to come up with the converged thinking to that better final answer.  Wow - that is highly valuable in any business! 

So how can something be equal but also different?

This concept can be related to parents with multiple children.  In my case, my wife Carlie and I are proud parents of two daughters that we adore and love equally.  We are proud of each equally for the way they have turned into responsible and caring parents themselves.  Our daughters are also very different in their personalities, in their motivations and how they interacted with others.  Each has different strengths they use daily for making decisions and managing their personal and professional lives.

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Richer information when linking Outlook Activity to Infor CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

One of the newer Microsoft Outlook integration components with Infor CRM is at the activity record. Now a scheduled activity in Outlook can easily link to richer information in your Infor CRM.

Infor CRM Activity Task Pane

The Infor CRM Activity Task pane displays Infor CRM information related to the Microsoft Outlook appointment. Use this task pane to add linked Infor CRM information to an Outlook appointment so that when the activity is created in Infor CRM, the activity will be associated with the appropriate Infor CRM records. For example, contact or lead.

When the new or an existing Outlook appointment is open the bottom of the form displays the Infor CRM Activity Task pane.  If the pane does not display, select the Outlook Appointment ribbon, click Activity Task Pane. If this option is not available, verify that Infor CRM Xbar for Microsoft Outlook is installed and configured properly.

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Breakout of the typical customer experience - using CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

Compare the typical customer experience to what the customer actually desired

This Temkin Group video shows the importance of emotion when it comes to an organization's approach to customer experience. Visit the Customer Experience Matters blog for more information on emotion:

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Keys to CRM Success - Building a Successful CRM Evaluation

Posted by Dick Wooden

Previously we have discussed How to choose CRM software - starting point guidelines and a road map in getting started in your CRM discovery journey, The following article expands on this topic from our friend at Infor: Erik Tavenner, Solutions Consultant.

Benjamin Franklin, the father of time management, once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” In that spirit, you need to consider planning as a critical element to your CRM evaluation.

Why so critical and how do you it?  Let’s take a closer look.

Industry research:

It is important to do your diligence and see what the industry is saying about the competitive landscape. It is rarely the deciding factor, but can be a great launching point to narrowing down a short list.

  • Ask who the leaders are in the market?
  • Find third-party research resources available with CRM vendor evaluations
  • Decide if you are looking for a vertical Niche solution or the most ubiquitous easy to use solution

Download  Nucleus Research: CRM pays back $8.71 for every dollar spent

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Grow Smarter - CRM Integration for Greenhouse Nursery

Posted by Julie Cooper

Using CRM to Extend Existing Key Business Strategy

A recent client is well known for their great customer experience in obtaining accurate pricing, product
availability and ease of placing orders. 
Their Picas Greenhouse Production software capabilities handle financial, inventory, shipping, logistics planning, production, and wireless warehouse management.  


The production software did a good job with taking their product and getting it to the customer. However, the relationship communications with their customers were lacking. There is a need to have a systematic approach to consistently attract, retain and grow profitable customers. There was a need for the core capabilities of CRM - customer relationship management system.  An integrated systems approach is required in today's connected world.

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