10 Commandments of CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

As a CRM Solutions Consultant for Infor CRM, every day I strap on my headset and grab my mouse and set forth and answer the question "why should I buy CRM?"  It is always helpful to abide by The 10 Commandments of CRM, so let’s explore what they are from my perspective:

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Effective Uses of Xbar to Eliminate CRM User Frustrations

Posted by Julie Cooper


User Frustration #1:Poor Use Screen Real Estate

When you have 3-5 applications always running and going in between, screen real estate is limited. Where does Infor CRM fit in?

The effective use of screen real estate affects user productivity. Excessive information may be poorly organized or confusing, so effective screen layouts must be used with appropriate used with appropriate use of software.

  • Do you have the space for another monitor?
  • Would it adversely affect your focus?
  • Can you integrate two main software applications and only have one displaying.

Recommended Solution:

Wouldn't it be more productive to reduce the number of programs you need to access?

Get more out of the space available on your display by using the Xbar add-in that allows you to operate your CRM with in your MS Outlook application .  This Xbar streamlines your Infor CRM (Saleslogix) live data inside Outook, eliminating the need to have the Infor CRM system always showing.

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Relying on Outlook can cause CRM Underachievement

Posted by Dick Wooden

Microsoft Outlook remains as one of the most heavily used tools in business today. It successfully manages Inbox, Calendar & Contacts for millions each day.

So you may ask yourself how can I say, Infor CRM has a deep and rich Outlook integration and then claim it causes users to underachieve at CRM?

It’s easy, because for many, it’s true. Let’s explore how and why.

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The Right Solution - and Partner - Can Bring It All Together

Posted by Dick Wooden

People:  An Opportunity, Not a Roadblock 

Previously we talked about CRM Implementation being a team effort and to think of the people involved as an opportunity and not a roadblock, read more here.

A CRM system can make or break a growing company. The right one can boost your business development efforts, helping you grow revenue from existing customers while cost-effectively identifying and winning new "ideal" customers.  The wrong one? Well, we'd rather not go there … 

Having an optimal CRM system in place — one that addresses your business needs, serves your customers well and pleases your employees — is a high-stakes proposition. Unless you have dedicated staff to handle everything from choosing and customizing a solution to implementing the software and training users, you're going to need a qualified partner to do much of the heavy lifting.

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Infor CRM is #1 on SelectHub Leaderboard

Posted by Dick Wooden

Helpful resource in evaluating CRM solutions that meet your needs

As an Infor CRM channel partner we are very excited with the news that Infor CRM has been placed #1 on the SelectHub Leaderboard, a representation of leading CRM software vendors.

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Shortcuts and Productivity Tips For Sales Reps Using Infor CRM

Posted by Julie Cooper

Unrealized benefits of using existing CRM functionality...

After implementing and developing tailored Infor CRM business work flow processes over the years, I know that there are tons of features and functionality you consider utilizing in your business. However, here are 3 key 'out of the box' functionality features that have the most effective results:

Benefit Tip #1: Find Trends and Undiscovered Opportunities

Effectively using the smart phone microphone capability to 'speak' to update information in your CRM system is not fully utilized by sales teams. Sales reps using the 'Speech to Text' technology need to quickly identifying key concepts on the CRM record - not to provide a transcript. These quick notes benefit both the sales team and customer service team with something searchable.

Example: Just by using the SpeedSearch tool in Infor CRM for specific key words (ie. water filtration tools), provides you with a list of both prospects and customers that have made inquiries on your services or have spoken with your Customer Service department at one point. Overall it provides you with certain key words that have been spoken frequently that ordinarily don't occur in natural conversations.

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CRM Is The Glue - It Ties Information & How We Work Together

Posted by Dick Wooden

We recently met with a client's IT department director, the director of customer service and key sales managers.  As we finished up our next 90 day planning, the IT director turned and stated - "CRM is the glue".  He had come to more deeply realize that a well-used CRM system ties their information and how they work together. It helps to make sense of the accumulated knowledge of our customers and how they want to be served.  Within their CRM system, they can tell who are their best customers, how they best connect with them and how valuable their offering is to them. 

A well-used CRM allows each of us to make a powerful impact on people we communicate with daily and those we serve.  Within our CRM system, we can find all the past historical communications between customers and employees.  This become our one, main trusted version of the truth.  It shows how professionally we followed up and how we best connected the value of our offerings in solving their needs and full filling their improvement opportunities. 

Your CRM system helps to keep all your staff accountable to customers, fellow employees and most importantly to yourselves.  It shows when, why and who each person connected with. It shows where someone dropped the ball and delivered expectations fell short.  The CRM knowledgebase tells what is working and where improvement is needed.

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People: An Opportunity, Not a Roadblock

Posted by Dick Wooden

You hear it all the time: "People are our No. 1 asset." Or, "People are our most important resource." And yet it's amazing how often people get left out of the equation when a company is considering a new CRM system.

I understand why this happens. It's easy to get caught up in bells and whistles. Technology can help us to do amazing things, and that's certainly true of CRM. But without people, technology is only technology. That's why we at Success With CRM are such fans of People First CRM.

CRM can't just be a well-running database. CRM has to be well used and purpose-built. And when we encourage our clients to follow People First CRM, that's what we're helping them do.

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5 Focused Questions and Resources to Finish the Year Strong

Posted by Dick Wooden

Three fourths of the year is gone leaving approximately 90 days left for this year.  Take away the holidays and weekends does not leave a lot of time to finish strong for the year.  But we are in the home stretch or as Yogi Berra would say "It ain't over till it's over."  And sometimes a win occurs at the very end like may top college football games so far.  Are you hoping something magical will happen?

Dedicate, Plan, Execute

Dedicate to yourself to take time to step back and ask what it's going to take for you and your team to finish strong this year.  Consider these questions and resources as you plan.  Consider the answers as you execute to get the desired, valuable outcomes. 

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Infor CRM - Connected, Clear and Smart - View What's New

Posted by Dick Wooden

WOW lots of really helpful updates to report from this summer and for the near future.
Infor CRM has been actively planning and improving with a focus on three key strategic areas:  Connected, Clear and Smart.  The following is a quick summary view of what has been happening and will be coming to your world of Infor CRM.....

#1 Connected

Connected is about extending the reach of CRM to ERP's, collaboration, and the world of ION to create the first Agile Enterprise experience.  This allows companies to seamlessly connect the Infor software they use and create a truly unified experience for front-office and back-office.

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