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Newest Act! v17.1 Contact system improvements

Posted by Julie Cooper

Act! v17.1, the newest and most intelligent version of the #1 best-selling contact and customer manager.

With enhancements to integration and automation, it's easier than ever to turn your marketing efforts into successful sales.

Finally, sales process meets nurture marketing.

Key Highlights of Act! v17.1

  • Enhanced Call List functionality enables users to take actions directly from the Call List - like scheduling follow-ups, and creating Histories and Lookups.

  • Additional customization options give users a more personalized experience - including customized big buttons, Act! Notifications, and default History options.

  • Automation & Productivity Enhancements help streamline activities like import and duplicate checking (on Windows and Web!), Global web Info preference management, and additional options for URL links in Documents.

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6 Best Practices of the Top Sales Producers

Posted by Dick Wooden

Sustainable Improvement comes with a "Perfect Salesforce"

Your company's sales are far too important to leave to today's seemingly hit-or-miss approach to building a salesforce. The perfect sales force is a return to people - the different types of people who excel very naturally in different types of sales jobs.

The best sales teams share 6 simple but critical practices states Derek Gatehouse. Three of these are about how to hire the best talent. Best practices focus on how to assess your type of sale and how to identify the specific qualities and characteristics required for success. The framework is based on 10 selling talents: 6 hard wired and 4 depend on the type of sale. Use the book on how to find these people and manage them effectively. 

Key Findings include:

  • Sales talent cannot be trained. It must be hired.
  • Top Performing Salespeople excel only at certain types of sales
  • Environment and Conditions are more important than training.
  • The World's Best Sales Managers Police Results, not Activities
  • Top Teams Train Existing Strengths rather than trying to train a weakness

Our business clients have also found that a well-used CRM System enhances and builds upon the specific talents of sales professionals.  

CRM has the processes for lead conversion, prospect nurture marketing, lead qualification, sales opportunity matching of solutions to business needs, tracking people interactions with digital communications, follow up conversation planning, and so forth.  Thus a well-used, adaptable CRM will enhance the environment top producers best use their talents for.


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Answering the Why of CRM to Gaining Business Success with CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

Start with Why in Everything You do

As entrepreneurs, business people and trusted advisors we are continually seeking improvements.  Are they better ways to get to our desired outcomes?  Understanding your Why has been insightfully covered by professionals such as Simon Sinek.  Simon suggests "Start with Why in everything you do."  Do you know your Why?  The purposes, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do?



Answer Why's to Attain Full Engagement for a Well-Used CRM

Truly understanding the why's people don't do what they're supposed to do and what to do about it has been a key challenge by human resource  professionals.

Ferdinand F. Fournies provides useful insights in his book "Why Employees Don't do what they're supposed to do and what to do about it." Read more here...  Ferdinand's book identifies 16 reasons why people do not do what they are supposed to do at work.  #1 is that they don't know why they should do it.  

The why has to mean something to the person's purpose, cause or belief that inspires them to action.  

A deeper review of Fournies' list describes fittingly many of the reasons people do not support CRM initiatives. Sometimes people do not see pass their own priorities, needs, or inter-departmental agendas, regardless of whether they are doing so because they want to isolate themselves or because they don't know any better.  

Too many times I have found where businesses think that everyone will support CRM or will simply get behind the effort because a senior executive mandates it is a dangerous assumption.  

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Top 10 Reasons a Winter Blizzard is like Bad CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

Bad CRM and Winter Blizzard Experiences....

For those of you with past experiences from a Winter snow blizzard you might find similar characteristics in a badly implemented and non-used CRM.

Top 10 reasons a Winter blizzard is like Bad CRM, in no particular order since each of us have different experiences...

    1. Both a blizzard and bad CRM never come at the right time.  You have places to go and a business to run.  Who has time to get stuck or stranded?
    2. You can't get a good vision of where you are at.  Well-used CRM will have helpful information to guide a business and make smarter decisions.  Just like a blizzard you can get blind-sided, rear-ended and effectively NOT knowing where your business stands with poor CRM.
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Infor CRM ION-enabled Integration with Infor ERP Goes Live

Posted by Dick Wooden

How can you get 1 + 1 to equal 3?

As the famous Greek Philosopher once said "The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts"

The recent Aderdeen Group report "Customer-Centric ERP: Integrated Systems for Customer Satisfaction" also came to a similar conclusion 2350 years later:

  • Better Interactions with more useful and current information will increase sales. Businesses integrating disparate systems enjoy an 88% greater year-over-year increase in annual revenue compared to "others".
  • Better Customer Service drives bigger profits. Customer care costs are reduced by 12.1% annually


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Delivering the untapped capabilities of your CRM application

Posted by Dick Wooden

Plug In to Untapped Capabilities in People and CRM 

The competitive arena is evolving on a second-by-second basis and no company is free from the effect of commercial rivalry. Indeed, as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) professionals readily confess, the relentless jostling for the acquisition of new customers or the retention of existing clients has now become precise arts in their own right.

Yet, throughout the evolution of CRM, one thing has remained true; the customer is king. Industry analysts from both the technical and nontechnical arenas have predictably revamped this old-age marketing truth with phrases such as ‘Personalization,’ ‘One-to-One Marketing,’ ’Customer Experience Management” and today’s latest mantra ‘Customer-Centric’ marketing. Unfortunately, the fact remains that nothing has really changed in 20 or so years.

It’s all about who can fulfil the customers' needs cheaper, quicker and in the most personal, professional and intelligent manner.


In pursuit of this Holy Grail of CRM, many organizations have deployed the powerful CRM application, Infor CRM (Saleslogix) and brought about greater structure, meaning and professionalism to the management of their customer relationships. Furthermore, CRM systems have facilitated strong business forecasting, increased accountability and visibility of the marketing department and made a solid contribution to organizational growth.

Yet, although the success stories of CRM systems are well documented in industrial and professional circles so is CRM’s achilies heel; its complete dependence on people.

This introduction to the Intelligent Guide to CRM seeks to highlight why the total reliance on the manual use of the company CRM system is resulting in a unnecessary risk to customer satisfaction, the loss of revenue and how the marketing automation and interactive workflow capabilities of TaskCentre® have made this solution a the ‘must have’ module for custodians of CRM application seeking CRM perfection. 

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Infor CRM and Outlook Integration(s)

Posted by Dick Wooden

The Infor CRM system has helpful information built within the Help option using the ? icon.  The following can help you get the most from Infor CRM and Outlook Integration.

Topics Covered in this Article:

  • Using Outlook Integration

  • Understanding E-mail Integration

  • Installing and Using Infor CRM Desktop Integration

  • Recording an E-mail Message to History

  • Supported Desktop Integration Features by Browser 

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Hey Wake Up! Your business needs automated alerts, Now...

Posted by Dick Wooden

What is happening in your business right now?

Has a new sales opportunity been won or lost from a key prospect?  Is there a growing lag in the resolution of customer service/support issues? Have your stock level thresholds been breached, has a large order just been placed or is a key client approaching the end of its credit line? The only way to answer these questions is to manually check your business software e.g. ERP, CRM but this is time consuming and reliant on employees.

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The Longer You Delay the More the Data Decays

Posted by Dick Wooden

By Martin Doyle is CEO at DQ Global. 

According to research, between 50 and 75 percent of the success of a B2B marketing campaign is down to the accuracy of the data available. Businesses also rely increasingly on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems – software that retains every lead, every sales opportunity and every contact record.
But software is only as useful as the data it contains, and good quality, up to date information is the key. Businesses invest thousands of pounds in obtaining leads that allow them to generate profit. But what happens a year later, when it’s time to sell something new?

This statistic from Target Margeting Mag, from a 2001 study, proves the scale of the problem: 70.8 percent of business people surveyed had at least one change to their contact record in 12 months. The breakdown of change was:

  • Job or title change: 65.8 percent
  • Phone number change: 42.9 percent
  • Email address change: 37.3 percent
  • Change of company name: 34.2 percent
  • Move from one company to another: 29.6 percent
  • Change of name: 3.8 percent
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Make the most of your time with ACT! CRM

Posted by Julie Cooper

Top 10 Time Management Tips for Business Owners

Time is Money. Increase your productivity with these effective strategies from ACT! 

Let's face it, sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. You have a to-do list a mile long, you're juggling multiple calendars, and struggle keeping on top of it all. More time is spent figuring out what needs to be done than is spent actually doing it.

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