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Increase User Adoption - Infor CRM inside your Microsoft Outlook

Posted by Dick Wooden

Getting Work Done with People

If you are always using your Microsoft Outlook and want to manage your day, while getting advanced insights of your business contacts and key accounts.  The latest Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix) Xbar for Outlook 2010 or 2013 needs to be part of your processing.

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Supercharge Sales and Build Stronger Relationships with CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

Ideas to Supercharge Sales and Build a Stronger Relationship

When properly implemented, CRM can help enable your salespeople to be superstars, allowing them to focus on selling and building stronger relationships.


6 Key Aspects to Boost Sales Performance - Enabled by CRM

Consider these and similar aspects of your business where a CRM system can Boost Sales Performance....

  • Improved Quality and Quantity of Your Leads
  • Identification of Sales Opportunities for Focused Activity
  • Not getting forgotten by staying "Top of Mind" and extending your Reach with your Contacts
  • Grow your network database of contacts and expand linked relationships
  • Automate Your Business Processes so you can focus on what you do best
  • Capture and use Business Intelligence for smarter and faster decisions

 The following diagram outlines additional details of these six key aspects:

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Topics: Mobile CRM, Staying Top of Mind, Make your business work smarter, Ideal client, CRM benefits, Sales Productivity Improvements, Business Drivers for CRM, Sales Improvement Areas, Sales forecasting, Selling Smarter, Buying process, Sales Mgmt Improvement, Saleslogix mobile, Sales Enablement with CRM

Shatter the 57% myth of B2B buying decision process

Posted by Dick Wooden

Are Buyers Really Farther down their buying process?  

What additional value does CRM provide the seller?

It has been well commented on and studied that the customer is now in charge and is better prepared and farther along their buying decision process than in years past.  With the large quantity of information available, prospects typically have done their homework before really engaging with your sales force.

A well-used CRM enables sales people to have interesting, provocative and stimulating conversations that make their prospect want to continue the dialogue. There is way too much to remember and get right without having a well-used CRM handy and full of insights about a customer or prospect. The value of CRM is to provide a cradle-to-grave view of your customers.  Using insightful knowledge delivered from your CRM your sales team can be much better prepared for these advanced buyer conversations.

In the spirit of sharing with others helpful insights, the following is shared with you.


The B2B buying decision process: challenging the 57% myth

It’s a statistic that’s been widely quoted and even more widely misunderstood - the idea that the typical modern B2B buying decision process is “57% complete” before the customer even talks to the supplier.

Or you may have seen it quoted as “65%” or “two thirds”. It doesn’t matter, because all the figures are precisely wrong.

I think the original statistic came from a CEB* study but it has been naively interpreted and driven many thoughtless conclusions. You see, like many statistics, it’s simply a headline-grabbing average that hides a wide variation in actual behaviour.

Subsequent studies by other organisations - including one by IDC - have revealed subtleties that any B2B sales and marketing organisation need to take into consideration before they decide to make far-reaching changes to their go-to-market strategy…

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Topics: Customer Experience Improvement, Business Growth Enabler, Marketing Effectiveness, Business Relationship Development, Insight Knowledge, Sales process, Customer Retention, Sales strategy, People first CRM, Buyers Journey

Business Imperative - How CRM Enables Strategic Achievement

Posted by Dick Wooden

CEO leads organization to achieve Strategic objective for More Effective Dealer Network

OK, you are the CEO of a privately held, Premier Cabinet Manufacturing company that distributes your products through a Dealer Network spread across the United States. Over the recent years you have bought two smaller cabinet manufacturers and have attempted to merge them into your business.  But growth has leveled off and sales from your Dealer network is almost impossible to forecast and that's running up your production costs to keep cabinets in inventory.  

Your business has three primary product lines that covers the mid to upper level of the buying contractors and consumers. Your business holds 15.2 percent of the market.  But that is not good enough.


A new VP of Sales and Marketing, Susan, has been brought on board to revitalize the sales team and direct dealer network improvements to boost market share by 20 points. Susan comes from a former Boating Manufacturing company that sold though US based dealers. Her former company has been using a successful CRM system for 3 years that integrated marketing, sales and dealer support.  

Now she is requesting a similar CRM system be implemented to achieve this strategic growth goal.  Susan knows from successful experiences that CRM is the key to enabling this cabinet manufacturer to grow their market share and provide the consistency the business needs.  But what must be considered to enable this strategy with a well-used, people-first CRM?

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Topics: Appreciating Asset, CRM Executive Decision, Business Growth Enabler, Strategic Business development, Business Drivers for CRM, Acquire-Retain-Develop, Strategy Improvement, CRM for Effectiveness, Business traction

Get Infor CRM inside your email inbox - Google or Outlook

Posted by Dick Wooden

The wait is over! Infor CRM Sync for Gmail™ is here. It's one more way that Infor CRM helps you think inside the inbox.

Infor CRM is designed to bring your CRM inside your inbox, so you can work naturally and efficiently. Infor CRM Sync for Gmail™ and Infor CRM Xbar for Microsoft® Outlook® are simple, yet powerful, add-ins that are easy-to-learn and use. These tools can help your organization improve adoption rates—including extending Infor CRM to less frequent users of CRM, such as key executives. Both solutions are available at no additional charge for customers on an active Business Care plan.1,2

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Topics: Flexible CRM, Make your business work smarter, eMarketing Effectiveness, Gmail Intergration, Productive Improvements, Outlook Integration, Workflow Improvements

5 key business areas Infor CRM delivers upon

Posted by Dick Wooden

Infor CRM is designed to deliver cost-effective, purpose-built solutions for the mobile world.  Infor CRM is available in the cloud, on-premise, and via mobile.

Here are 5 key business areas CRM delivers upon 

# 1 More effective interactions lead to more revenue generating transactions

Your customer relationships are essential to your success. Infor® CRM is an award-winning CRM solution that delivers a complete view of customer interactions across your sales, marketing, customer service, and support teams, so they can collaborate effectively and respond promptly and knowledgably to sales opportunities and customer inquiries—both in the office and in the field.

Rich customer profiles and sales productivity tools in Infor CRM help users identify opportunities and streamline sales activities, while sales management tools, analytics, and proactive alerts drive accurate forecasting, informed decision making, and effective team and territory management. Best-practice process automation in Infor CRM accelerates your strategic advantage by recommending and performing winning actions that drive results. 

Integrated marketing and customer service ensures calibration across teams in the business of acquiring
new customers and delivering an exceptional customer experience.


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Topics: Mobile CRM, Saleslogix success, Appreciating Asset, Adaptable CRM, Acquire-Retain-Develop, Saleslogix mobile, Saleslogix Tips, Infor CRM

The Trade show 80/20 Rules

Posted by Dick Wooden

Better planning leads to improved results at Trade Shows

Having a well-used CRM is a critical component in the preparation and follow up processes for more effective marketing.

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Topics: Lead Generation, Building Stronger Relationships, Keep in Touch, Make your business work smarter, eMarketing Effectiveness, Marketing Effectiveness, Acquire-Retain-Develop, CRM for Effectiveness, Selling Smarter, Sales Conversation Improvement, 80-20 Principle, Well Used CRM

Give an Apple to Your CRM Educator

Posted by Dick Wooden

The definition of an "Educator" is a person who provides instruction or education; a teacher.  From the perspective of a professional educator -this is how we define ourselves to our CRM clients.  A well-used CRM has education build in from the start.

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Topics: Knowledge transfer, Results Gained with CRM, Simply Smart Working, Business Growth Enabler, Make your business work smarter, Better Decision Making, Insight Knowledge, Productive Improvements, Know your customer, Acquire-Retain-Develop, Trusted Advisor, Adaptability Tips, CRM understanding, Sales Conversation Improvement

Transform Your Small Business into a Sales Powerhouse with CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

A successful CRM system to attract, keep and growing profitable customers is an appreciating asset:

PC Magazine published an informative article and infographic about transforming your small business into a sales powerhouse with CRM. 

Some interesting stats on small businesses that do acquire a CRM solution:

  • Small- to mid-sized businesses overall had business sales increase by up to 29 percent.
  • Sales productivity increased by up to 34 percent.
  • Forecast accuracy increased by up to 42 percent.

Even more beneficial to small and medium businesses is the integration of CRM and accounting solutions, according to the infographic's data. Benefits cited include:

  • giving a business owner increased insight into past trends
  • the ability to create more accurate forecasts, as well as
  • the convenience of having accounts and business history all in one centralized place via a CRM app.


Small business owners can reduce search time when sifting through customer accounts and account history, increase productivity, and take their businesses to the next level.

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Topics: Entrepreneurial Mindset, Building Stronger Relationships, Business Growth Enabler, Better Decision Making, Business Relationship Development, Sales Productivity Improvements, Sales process, Business Transformation, Sales strategy, Business traction, Sales Enablement with CRM, Well Used CRM

5 Reasons Your CRM System may be Holding Back Your Sales

Posted by Dick Wooden

Drivers for Increased Sales Engagement with Your CRM:

If your sales professionals are not fully engaged with your CRM solution, they probably don't feel they have enough benefit in it for them. Have you fully answered their question: "What's in it for me?"  

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Topics: Make your business work smarter, Sales Productivity Improvements, Sales Improvement Areas, Selling Smarter, Sales Conversation Improvement, People first CRM, Sales Enablement with CRM, Well Used CRM

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