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CRM Basics: CRM is a business strategy centered around the customer and Why not

Posted by Dick Wooden

Successful businesses understand CRM is a Business Strategy

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about the finding, acquiring, and retaining the best, most profitable customers.  CRM systems offer an easy to use and automated means of managing the loads of valuable information about your company accounts and the various dealings with the people.  With successful CRM in good working order you can use this knowledge database to make faster, smarter decisions. You can work more productively by focusing on the best customers and new prospects, making sure you are top of mind when your company's offering is needed.

Successful CRM appreciates in value

CRM as a strategy places the customer at the center of a business.  When properly implemented, the goal is to give progressively deeper information about customers - information that supports the business areas of marketing, product planning, sales, service and support. The goal of this customer-centricity is to promote customer loyalty, increasing the lifetime value of each relationship.  As the value of customer relationships increase so will the value of the business.  CRM in place is an asset that appreciates the value of your business.

CRM has matured in the small business and corporate settings, achieving recognition as a "must-have" improvement technology. Now solutions like Swiftpage Act! contact management or Saleslogix award-winning CRM make it possible for small and medium-sized companies to automate their own practice of CRM.  With the every changing business environment you'll need an adaptable CRM system that works the way you do business now and into the future.  Modern CRM provides that all- important  24x7 x365 mobile web access by mobile smart phones, tablets and laptops.

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Your CRM - Use it anywhere, anytime to engage with important contacts

Posted by Dick Wooden

Is your Organization part of the mainstream or is it lagging behind?

74% of sales organizations have already enabled mobile CRM access.1  Mobile devices are so popular that by 2016 2/3rds of all Internet traffic will be viewed on mobile devices.

It's a mobile world. Selling organizations need to deploy CRM on mobile devices or risk falling behind competitors in terms of sales productivity and effectiveness. 

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Encourage Engagement: Saleslogix Help, Icons and Tool tips cheat sheet

Posted by Dick Wooden

New users to Saleslogix CRM can become "Icon blind" to these simple but helpful little images found in the Web client.  But once you have used them to navigate the CRM desktop they become second-hand.  I find that associating the icon image to the physical action helpful: Lookup, Move forward, Move backward. Add. Save.

Of course there is the ever present big question mark  to lead you to helpful information.


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Topics: Reimagine the way you work, Productivity Tips, CRM user adoption, Make your business work smarter, Web-based productivity tools, Smart Ideas and Tips, Adaptability Tips, Getting Things Done, CRM Tips, saleslogix tips, saleslogix

Freedom and Getting Control with CRM Success

Posted by Dick Wooden

Your CRM must provide Freedom and at the same time Control of your World

OK you have a CRM system in place or are considering a different CRM solution. We hear clients and prospects requesting solutions that provide both freedom and control.


  • A system that will work with the way my business works now and yet able to be adapted to new changes in the future.
  • The ability to redefine terminology to the way business is currently done.  This may be changing service "Tickets" to "Client matters" or "Service requests"
  • The capability to create different sales processes because we sell products or services differently depending on the type of prospect or customer business.
  • Freedom to view just MY information so I can focus on my activities, my contacts, my open opportunities
  • To easily view what is happening in my business today, in the past and projected into the future



  • The ability to not get frustrated in looking up information easily.  It may be by any piece of information such as business name containing "Paint" or a phone number containing a set of numbers.
  • It has to be able to group business information in recognizable lists.  This may be customers in Michigan and Indiana + current year sales over 150K + open opportunities over 100K
  • It has to be configurable and customizable.  This may be adding new fields, new table of information specific to your business operations.
  • It must be secure so that certain users can only see certain information. This may be not allowing the Midwest sales team seeing opportunities in a different sales region.

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Saleslogix Xbar for Outlook Arrives- Promise Delivered

Posted by Dick Wooden

Helpful from the Get Go- Saleslogix and Outlook:

If you are using  Microsoft® Outlook® 2010 or 2013 desktop versions, your world with Saleslogix CRM has just gotten more engaging and productive. Your Inbox is highlighting a recent email with multiple recipients and WOW their Saleslogix contact cards pop up in the new Saleslogix Xbar for Microsoft® Outlook®.  You can easily filter to only show the From, To or CC listed names.  Each contact card shows the persons title and email address and provides quick action icons to send an email, make a phone call, create an activity or add a note.

Additionally you can see a specific contact's "Activities", "History" or "Notes" by clicking on the related hyperlink.  The activities view is great to see what you have scheduled for the selected contact.


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Topics: CRM user adoption, CRM Guide, Employee engagement, Saleslogix success, Make your business work smarter, Web-based productivity tools, CRM benefits, Know your customer, CRM effectiveness, Empower CRM Success, Selling Smarter, Outlook Integration, Saleslogix Outlook Xbar

Ideas for Maximizing Sales Activities with Saleslogix CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

Your sales team has finite resources - in the form of time, attention and dollars. Saleslogix can help improve productivity and spend more of your time on the sales activities that have the biggest impact on the bottom line.

How a sales rep's time breaks down:

  • 34.7 % in-person and phone sales
  • 23.9% lead generation and research
  • 15.2% post sales
  • 15.6% meetings and admin
  • 10.7% Other (training, travel)
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Guess less. Grow more. Sales nirvana...

Posted by Dick Wooden

Guess less - grow more profitably

There ought to be a better ways to connect with customers and prospects about what they are most interested in so you don't have to guess as much and you can grow business more profitably. With the integration of Swiftpage emarketing into Act! v16 and Saleslogix we are sharing some friendly advice compliments our business friends at Swiftpage. Here is a handful of insights to get growing with Act! or Saleslogix emarketing so you can focus on what you love. 

Our love is helping business professionals develop positive relationships among employees, customers and prospects and definitely providing the tools to make it easier and smarter doing so. 

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Anatomy of a Successful Sales and Buyer Process...

Posted by Dick Wooden

What makes up a successful sales and buyer process?

The next time you get discouraged because a client says he's “not ready” to get started, or you feel like follow-up is a waste of time, remember this story....


C.J. Hayden wrote the follow article about "Anatomy of a Sale" that we'd like to share with our readers.   She is the author of Get Clients Now!™ Thousands of business owners and independent professionals have used her simple sales and marketing system to double or triple their income

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Topics: Customer Experience Improvement, Business Relationship Development, Sales Productivity Improvements, Communications Improvement, Sales process, Sales Improvement, Buying process, People first CRM

Customer-Centricity Should be about Delivering Value for Customers

Posted by Dick Wooden

Bob Thompson, an international authority on customer-centric business management, has released a new book, "Hooked on Customers" that is well worth the read.  He covers the five habits of legendary customer-centric companies. Discover how to embed customer-centric habits in your company's culture and how CRM and CEM (customer experience management) relate to each other.

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Topics: Customer Experience Improvement, Customer loyalty, Customer Communications, Growing Your Stronger Business, Value creation selling, Customer-centric, Customer Retention

From Prospect to Customer in Thirty Seconds

Posted by Dick Wooden

What the Mind Concieves the Mind Achieves -

The following in from C.J. Hayden is the author of Get Clients Now!™ Thousands of business owners and independent professionals have used her simple sales and marketing system to double or triple their income.  

The process of converting a prospect to a client can seem like it takes forever. You meet a prospective client, follow up with him or her over time, and hopefully have a chance to make a sales presentation or schedule an initial consultation at no charge. Then you follow up some more, trying to close the sale. Months can pass, or even years, between your first encounter and getting the prospect to sign on the bottom line.

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